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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Relationship Horoscope

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Relationship Horoscope

Meghan Markle, girl extraordinaire, our favourite character from legal drama Suits, owner of lifestyle website The TIG, global ambassador for World Vision Canada and a United Nations advocate for women having also participated in the Clean Water Campaign, is rumoured to be dating our most eligible bachelor, Prince Harry and we just had to check out their relationship horoscope, based on Markle’s and Prince Harry’s birth charts. Judging from both Princes' relationships, it appears that the late Princess Diana, our all time favourite Cancerian, managed to teach her sons what most parents fail to teach their kids: You don't have to be 'someboby' to be someone great!

Meghan Markle astrology

Meghan Markle’s Leo sun is conjunct Mercury, telling us that she’s independently minded and has something to say and on her own terms. Moon square Mars makes her fearless and she probably approaches problems from a masculine standpoint and won’t be intimidated by hierarchy.  Yet Meghan also has four planets in relationship-oriented Libra, so she’ll be desperate to settle down with a life partner that she finds intellectually stimulating (Libra is a mind-loving air sign) but that is ultimately harmonious and steady. Within this cluster of planets, Saturn, Jupiter and the moon are all conjunct and so she therefore values her emotional contribution and takes relationships very seriously. She develops as a person with a significant other. Meghan Markle’s Venus is in Virgo (Prince Harry’s sun sign, but they’re not conjunct) nevertheless they’ll both have a forensic way of deconstructing their emotions. With Mars in Cancer, she’s not necessarily looking for a macho, man’s man – she wants one who’s in touch with his feminine side, that’s soft and gentle. And good in the kitchen!

Mars square Saturn and Mars square Jupiter tell us that she can be difficult, or that her expressions of anger and frustration are either full-on or rigidly suppressed, or that she expects that the course of love won’t run smoothly. She may also have a tricky relationship with her own father or be attracted to argumentative types. Her sun in Leo squares Prince Harry’s Saturn in Scorpio in the ninth house – leading us to believe that he might feel she’s too restrictive, or this is exactly the kind of structure he needs. 

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Prince Harry astrology

There’s a lot in the news right now about Prince William being the workshy party Prince, and whatever your view of him, brother Harry’s horoscope has more dutiful leanings. That’s because Saturn conjuncts his MC, plus Pluto and Venus in the ninth house suggest he’d be good at charming all those foreign dignitaries. This also means that, like his grandmother the queen, he ranks duty and what’s expected of him highly. He also has a highly dependable earth-sign trio on his side: Virgo sun, Capricorn rising and Taurus moon. He’s very much a macho, man’s man type. In a prospective partner physical chemistry is paramount, as well as someone who looks the part. A Virgo sun isn’t traditionally paired with next-door sign Leo, (check out the zodiac signs and compatibility!) but the best news we have for this budding royal couple is his Venus is in Libra, a sign, as we’ve explained, is very close to Meghan Markle’s heart – and at 17 degrees it’s conjunct destiny planet Pluto in her horoscope (21-degrees). This denotes good sexual chemistry.

Mars square the sun points to a lively relationship with his father, Prince Charles, and he may also be a bit of a handful privately. Sun in the eighth house and moon opposite Saturn tell us that his interest in keeping his mother’s legacy and memory alive only increases with age and could border on the obsessional, and that he will inevitably compare who he marries with her. His sun in Virgo squares Meghan Markle’s Neptune in Sagittarius so perhaps what each one finds cutesy about the other will dissipate in time leaving them both disillusioned.

His progressed moon is in Cancer, sun sign of his late mother, Princess Diana. It’s also in the seventh house, whose focus is relationships, so maybe Meghan reminds him of his mother? This is the time when he’ll think seriously about connecting with that one special person.   

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Love Compatibility

Meghan Markle, a Leo and Prince Harry, a Virgo, have not yet commented on the rumours going around about a relationship between the two of them but let’s take a moment to check out their love compatibility.

Meghan Markle’s Sun Squares Prince Harry’s Saturn

An air of restriction, compulsion and a burden of responsibility hangs heavy around these two, brought on by Meghan’s Sun squaring Prince Harry’s Saturn. On the other hand, there is a demanding, impulsive, self-centred, irresponsible side they show in each other’s rumoured company and not much self-control to speak of.

Meghan Markle’s Sun Trines Prince Harry's Uranus

It's as if Prince Harry parachuted into Meghan Markle’s world at exactly the right time - yet in unusual circumstances (Fun fact: Indeed the two are rumoured to have met in Canada where Suits is filmed while he was in Toronto to promote the Invictus Games). Markle immediately felt an interest and a magnetic attraction brought on by their Sun-Uranus trine. This trine also reveals Prince Harry’s unique qualities of character and original ideas that will undoubtedly alter Meghan’s approach to life. This relationship also encourages Prince Harry not to hold any part of his or her character back, and to express himself spontaneously.

Meghan Markle’s Moon Squares Prince Harry’s Neptune

This deceptive and difficult aspect of Meghan’s Moon squaring Prince Harry’s Neptune is akin to swimming among sharks. The transcendental quality of this relationship dictates that the two are more often than not so absorbed by one another, that neither is aware of any impending threat or danger. This square indicated that the two feed off each other's escapist tendencies, and so gradually all the practical considerations of life fade to grey. Hand in hand with this comes a woeful neglect of all responsibility, no time for friends or family, and the overturning of basic principles. Only those who are psychologically, spiritually and emotionally well adjusted enough are in a position to cope with a subterranean psychic current of this kind and if the rumours of the two dating, it could be the case for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle’s Venus Sextiles Prince Harry’s Saturn

Markle’s Venus sextile to Prince Harry’s Saturn doesn't in itself indicate a romantic attraction. Should such a relationship develop, it will be structured, responsible, reliable and mature in its outlook. This contact tends towards establishing a friendship by the creation of a secure, stable and lasting contract between two people. Prince Harry is a faithful, decent individual who will be consistent based on this sextile. Meghan Markle will support him emotionally, with unreserved care and tenderness.

Meghan Markle’s Mars Trines Prince Harry’s Saturn

The practical strands of Megan Markle’s and Prince Harry’s lives are woven together pretty tightly by the Mars-Saturn trine energy. Markle personally learns self-discipline and how to channel her drive into worthwhile and constructive efforts, and in exchange will gladly demonstrate to Prince Harry how a negative attitude and innate inertia can be overcome. As a couple therefore, these two have the decisiveness and discipline to demolish even the most towering obstacles. 

Even if the rumours turn out not to be true, Prince Harry’s and Megan Markle’s love compatibility based on their birth charts shows some great potential! If they are indeed true, all of us at Horoscope Friends wish them all the best!

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