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Melanie Sykes - Celebrity horoscope for the new TV star!

Melanie Sykes - Celebrity horoscope for the new TV star!

Melanie Sykes (twitter @MsMelanieSykes) is in the news for her participation on the popular TV show "I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here" and that's definitely good news for her, but does she really stand a chance to win? Here's what the stars say:

Melanie Sykes celebrity horoscope:

Being around a hungry lion dramatically increases your chances of getting your head bitten off, but so far Leo Melanie Sykes has kept it together in a camp full of irritating people and limited rations, in this year’s I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

 Unless you’ve just returned from journeying to the centre of the earth or a fortnight on Venus you’ll also have seen her splashed all over the tabloids, with stories circulating about her by everyone from her estranged husband to her personal trainer. And not all entirely complimentary.
But her sign rules the ticker, so she’s a strong sort, and she’s doing a great job of capturing the hearts of the nation in spite of any mud that’s flung at her, or how down-and-dirty things get in the camp.
Leo’s also a regal sign so she’ll have seriously sized up the crown that will meet the head of the winner this Sunday. Leo people do like to triumph. They also like to be in charge, are creative and fun, and we’ve seen evidence of all three in her performance.
Without an accurate birth time we can’t be sure of her ascendant. What we do know, though, is that she has Libra moon - so she’s a team player, is sociable, and has good manners. This moon placement is charming, although it can also be a teensy-weensy bit shallow, excessively image conscious and manipulative. Perhaps there’s been the odd glimpse of her shadowy side, but nothing to beat the jungle drums about. Neither has she been precious, preferring a practical approach to a life stripped of all luxury, with both Venus and Mercury in earthy Virgo.
Those abs of steel and washboard stomach we’re seeing so much of didn’t come from lazing about like her sign’s namesake. It’s sun conjunct Mars that makes her so energetic and incredibly determined to keep in such good shape. She’ll also almost always be up for a challenge and pull her weight - although she will have a short fuse, tempered by that Libra moon, so she’s too socially aware to let anything light it publically.
Estranged husband Jack Cockings has kindly been dishing the dirt about their relationship, while she’s been a lot more gracious about the whole affair. He has however said that he can’t fault her as a mother and, like fellow Leo Madonna, their parenting skills often speak for themselves. This is after all the sign of creativity, and having a child is arguably the most creative thing we can do.
She is one of four up for eviction tonight after her team, The Wombats, got thrashed last night – but she stands out as one of the strongest characters of the quartet. But it will be up to you of course, the Great British Public, to decide her fate.
Whether or not she goes on to be crowned Queen of the Jungle Melanie Sykes is already a winner, as her celebrity stock has risen considerably. Jupiter in her sign has handed her an opportunity to do bigger and better things in the future on the back of her jungle experience, and should offer her an escape from middling daytime TV.

What’s interesting about next Sunday’s final is a trine between her sun at 14 Leo with both the sun and Mercury at 14 Sagittarius. So if she does make it this far she’ll have more than just a fighting chance, with a little bit of Jupiter’s luck thrown in too.

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