August 4, 2016 11:00 Celebrity Horoscopes

Orlando Bloom: A nude Capricorn. How could this be?

Orlando Bloom: A nude Capricorn. How could this be?

Orlando Bloom is a great example of what a Capricorn that has reached his end-goal in life looks like. Successful, vibrant, an award-winning stage and screen actor executing lead roles to perfection. Anything he participates in is cherry-picked and naturally proves to be an instant success. Bloom is indeed a true professional that knows well how to switch between environments with ease. Controlled while filming but also the soul of every party he attends. And now Orlando Bloom is nude, with his girlfriend Katy Perry (a Scorpio), in public?

Orlando’s birth chart might explain all the nudity

Now Capricorns don’t usually take it to extremes and often tend to consider sexuality a necessary evil. This of course doesn’t apply when they’re with their better half, somewhere private. That’s when they truly let loose and like the over-achievers we all know them to be, never fail to ‘please’. Still though, doesn’t seem quite right for a Capricorn, does it? A closer look at Orlando’s birth chart will shed light on things.

Well, you can blame it on his ascendant! Like we’ve mentioned repeatedly, your ascendant is every bit as important as your sign, as it symbolizes, apart from the way we were raised also ‘our means to an end’, the way we move throughout life to reach our Sun; our end-goal. Orlando Bloom’s ascendant is Aquarius. People under the sign of Aquarius are known to adopt an unconventional lifestyle due to their complete indifference of what others think. It is because of this trait that they are often seen as arrogant. In this case this also applies, as many people seem all too ready to burn him at the stake for the nude picture leak.

 While his sign, Capricorn, cares too much of what others think, in this case where the famous English actor felt safe and loved, next to his sexy companion Katy Perry (something that also makes a Capricorn feel good with himself – having a strong, successful partner), he let loose, giving a little room to his ascendant –the child in him- to shine. Thus, returning to a more care-free stage: that of his process of becoming who he has been ever since reaching his Sun.

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