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A look at Kate Middleton's horoscope, as her birthday approaches!

A look at Kate Middleton's horoscope, as her birthday approaches!

The sure-footed Kate Middleton stepped into the shoes left by the late Princess Diana after marrying Prince William in 2011. At least that’s how many royal watchers and members of the flag-waving public had her pegged within the royal family. She’s since flown her own little flag for glamorous chic, while being clasped tighter and tighter to the nation’s brooch-wearing bosom by not yet putting a foot wrong. Now Kate - or Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge - is pregnant with baby number two, and Prince George’s little brother or sister will be born this year. She also celebrates her 33rd birthday on 9th January, so Horoscope Friends salutes our future queen with a timely look at her chart.

Even with no birth time for Kate we can still deduce a lot about her according to what planet occupies which sign, based on a chart cast for midday. Let’s start by looking briefly at her Capricorn sun.
This sign has a good pedigree within this particular royal dynasty, it being the Queen’s rising sign. In fact, the Queen’s ascendant is conjunct Kate’s sun, causing a marvellous spark of affinity and ensuring they’ll get on as people as well as ‘colleagues’ in the ‘firm’, and share a few laughs. The Queen most probably acts as her mentor, and Kate will feel like she is able to confidently confide in Her Majesty. Kate’s first-born, Prince George, has his natal moon in Capricorn.
Transiting Pluto in Capricorn is nearing Kate’s natal sun at the moment before it goes retrograde during April 2015, which is when her baby is due. So there’s destiny connected to the birth of this child, particularly if he or she is born up to and including the 16thApril.
Her progressed moon is in Libra right now where it’ll remain until March 2017. We don’t know which house – i.e. the area of life - that this directly affects, but what we do know is Libra’s a comfy sign for lunar energy and so promotes a lovely time for Kate. Libra’s ruler Venus and all its relationship concerns come to prominence - like socialising, making everything look as gorgeous as possible - and falling in love with her new arrival of course! She may also sport a new hairstyle or undergo a subtle change of image in the months following the birth.
At the beginning of April 2015 Kate’s progressed moon will trine her natal Venus and Mercury in Aquarius, so even though the unborn child (if it’s on time) will be sun Aries or Taurus (like the queen), there’s likely also to be a strong air sign influence (Libra, Gemini, Aquarius) in his or her chart. The baby may therefore bear a striking resemblance either physically or in temperament to William’s late mother, Diana (Aquarius moon), or his grandfather, Prince Phillip (Gemini sun).

So what else does the chart give up about Kate herself?

With natal moon in Cancer she shoots for the moon in love. She’s caring and maternal, with a sharp eye for business – and any Capricorn-Cancer combo person instinctively knows that economics, as well as love, conquers all. This moon placement also makes her very sensitive to her own needs as well as those of her family, and the public at large.
Therefore the public are able project onto her and see something pleasant reflected back (like Princess Diana, who had sun in Cancer), in the same way the moon reflects the light of the sun. The natal moon position also represents the maternal, so in William’s eyes Kate will embody a lot of similarities to his late mother.
Prince William is also Cancerian, as is Prince George, so this is a close-knit family unit in astrological terms, and one that enjoys the simple things in life - and just, well, being together. They might be opposite sun signs, but Kate and William are united by the importance of family ties (his sun and her moon).
Like all the best charts there are some energy conflicts in Kate’s too, like Venus/Mercury in airy Aquarius verses her earthy sun and watery moon. Venus and Mercury govern the way she thinks and communicates her feelings, and Aquarius can be fairly buttoned-up when it wants to be. And contrary. These planets can also incite bouts of rebellion that she’ll have to learn to internalise, such is the royal public straightjacket. Princess Diana had her natal moon in Aquarius and found such urges harder to supress as a result. But in a positive sense, the Aquarius link creates even more echoes of William’s late mother in Kate’s emotional makeup. It’s important that she doesn’t bottle this tension up as she matures.
In any event with Saturn and Pluto together in Libra she’s a relationship grafter, and now that she’s found her soul union, and after all that devotion she demonstrated, she won’t be for letting go. And whenever Pluto is involved, ‘destiny’ and ‘life-changing’ are the names of the two giant pillars holding the relationship up, as in the case of hers and William’s.
Mars in Libra tells us she’s prepared to give every last drop of energy to her most intimate connection, further supporting the argument that she will not give up on their relationship even if there’s a revolution! However, this planet is in its detriment in this sign, so trouble exerting her own will or speaking her own mind will descend on her from time to time. This will diminish with age, or once she learns to put her own needs on, at least, an equal footing with those of the people she loves.

The last word goes to Neptune and Uranus in Sagittarius. Kate therefore belongs to a generation that is easily disillusioned by relationships that can be on-off, but the lucky flipside of this energy is the romantic fairy-tale – and this is the hand she was dealt. So whichever shoes she’s filled, or not as the case may be, she sure has landed on her feet.

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