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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively horoscope

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively horoscope

What's up with Hollywood’s latest most talked-about cutest/funny couple? Yes we’re looking at you Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively! Horoscope Friends gets on the case. 

Ryan Reynolds (whose zodiac sign is Scorpio and his Chinese sign is Dragon) and Blake Lively (whose zodiac sign is Virgo and her Chinese sign is Rabbit) don’t seem to be taking themselves too seriously, like Ryan trolling wife Blake on Twitter and, let’s face it, Ryan’s got a reputation for larking around in real life as well as on screen, like he does superbly in the movie Deadpool, and Deadpool 2! Let’s have a look at their love compatibility while we wait…

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively love compatibility

What first jumps out about Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s love horoscope compatibility is the fact that Ryan’s watery Scorpio energy (sun and moon) blends immensely well with Blake’s earthy Virgo energy (sun and moon), plus Virgo is Ryan’s ascendant (conjunct Blake’s moon within a 3-degree orb) – so there you have it: these two are mega-compatible.

But wait a minute, because as always with astrology, nothing’s as simple and straightforward as all that! 

No soiree. 

His Saturn happens to be conjunct her ascendant (both 15 Leo), casting him as the structured one. The one calling the shots. He’ll be the one in control in other words, and you could argue that all relationships have more than a whiff of control about them, but this one most certainly has. Exploring this a bit further, all the ‘fun’ they’re renowned for might all be rather one-sided, weighted very much in his favour or it’s on his terms. Blake may therefore find this aspect stifling over time. Sorry to poor cold water on it folks but that’s what the horoscope says!

And that offending planet Saturn has a lot to answer for elsewhere too, because when its influence is strong in a horoscope, or compatibility horoscope, it encourages the person(s) involved to pick the path of most resistance. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively seem to have done exactly that, going on the number of squares between their individual birth charts: like their Venuses, his Venus and her sun, his Neptune and her moon, his Venus and her Mars, his Jupiter and her sun. Although, to be fair on squares as well as to Ryan and Blake, these are likewise excellent for keeping their interest in each other alive!

Nearly all of Blake’s planets – a whopping six – are in Ryan’s 12th house, so this relationship has a karmic or a redemptive quality to it, which is possibly what’s drawn them together, and it’d be quite easy for secrets to develop if they were each to go in on themselves. Her Pluto conjunct his Uranus also corroborates this and, while this is brilliant for sexual rapport, we predict that there may be complications over time. 

Her Jupiter in his 8th house suggests that they may have more family together, so the rumors are true! This can also mean that they could work together again in he future and it will be lucrative, or that she encourages him to be more open with his feelings, or he’ll stop pretending that he got what he needed emotionally/sexually before they met and be more open about this type of thing with her. 

In terms of their individual birth charts, Ryan’s focus at the moment is making money and pulling together, plus he’s also now, and all of a sudden, concerned with what type of legacy he’s going to leave. He may also be missing his freedom (progressed moon opposite Uranus) a little more than he has done since they married in 2012.  

Blake’s focus right now, based on a similar astrological barometer, her progressed moon, is on fun and widening and lengthening her social media footprint and communicating with her fans and working on her image away from them as a couple, in contrast to Ryan’s. 

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