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Serena Williams' horoscope

Serena Williams' horoscope

Serena Williams stole Naomi Osaka’s thunder at the US Open final 2018. The 37-year-old world tennis superstar (whose zodiac sign is Libra) caused controversy when she engaged in a  heated argument with chair umpire Carlos Ramos. Our astrologers think Serena Williams’ horoscope is quite interesting, so let’s take a look at her birth chart astrology.

Serena Williams birth chart

Serena Williams has her Sun in Libra and she was born on 26 September 1981, at 8.28pm in Saginaw, MI, US. Her ascendant is Taurus and this time of birth places her moon sign in Virgo. A doggedly determined combo (Taurus) coupled with a natural intelligence, that crucial attention to detail and a nimbleness of mind and body (Virgo) and all executed with fabulous finesse and good grace (Libra). What stands out most in her horoscope is a sixth house creaking under the weight of no less than six planets, including the very personal sun, moon and Mercury. She therefore has a titanic work ethic, a good fit for a professional athlete.

With Neptune in the eighth house, her career is far more bound up in her self-esteem than your average Joe, plus this also indicates an ‘inheritance’ of sorts from her mother, tennis coach, Oracene Price. Mars in her fifth house gives her creative flair and is common in the horoscopes of people that perform in front of others. Serena Williams has a ‘yod,  also known as the ‘finger of god’, (as does Roger Federer) in her horoscope that is said to light the way for the person. Hers is to Chiron in the first house, so she will have battled over many adversities and always under her own initiative. With Chiron in Taurus in her horoscope, this was always going to benefit her in a material sense as she rose above the expectations she had during her younger years.

Serena’s Mars is in Leo, giving her lots of dramatic flair and the need to openly express herself at all times – whether it is love, sadness, joy or frustration. And she cannot hide how she feels about someone, putting admiration or dislike out there for all to see. She certainly showed as much at the US Open final and Carlos Ramos can attest to that. With a conjunction between Sun and Saturn in her astrology chart, recognition and admiration are very important for her. Hence, a feeling of shame and the need to rectify her image was probably what tipped her to confront Carlos Ramos for penalizing her. With Mercury in Libra, justice is important to her and feeling she was treated unfairly could have made it unbearable for her to compete without addressing the issue. Venus is sextile her moon and that is a synonym for grace, although it wasn’t the case in this recent incident. Venus is squaring her Mars, so that would explain the lack of patience and tolerance when she is experiencing negative emotions.

With a cluster of planets in her 6th house, work and work ethic are very important to Serena Williams. So there is no doubt she will continue to chase after her 24th Grand Slam. Once the noise from this last tournament has died down and she can refocus, Williams will work even harder to prove she is not done yet. But also that she is indeed a fair competitor and gracious in victory and defeat alike. Chances are she will succeed sooner rather than later.

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