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Theresa May - The astrology of the UK's new Prime Minister

Theresa May - The astrology of the UK's new Prime Minister

Libran Theresa May takes over today from David Cameron as the UK’s new prime minister. With so much foggy uncertainty in the air following the decision to leave the EU, can her astrology chart throw any light on it all? You bet.

Here’s a look at Theresa May’s astrology birth chart, by Horoscope Friends:

Theresa May is Libra with moon in Virgo. We don’t know her ascendant because there’s no accurate birth time unfortunately. The outgoing PM David Cameron is also Libra so there’s a kind of continuity here, only his moon is in glamour-seduced Leo, and as she’s already said, she’s not into showy, which we have to say is typical of Virgo moon people. Although she does have two planets – loving Venus and covert Pluto - in Leo so maybe she secretly likes the limelight. And let’s not forget that British people are well used to Libran prime ministers, like the UK’s first female PM, Margaret Thatcher. The world of politics just seems to attract the cardinal signs, of which Libra is one, the others being Aries, Cancer and Capricorn.

The planets were aligned for Theresa May

Did you know that you can cast a birth chart for everything with a birth time? That includes a country. The UK has its natal moon in Cancer, and with Venus closing in on a conjunction in the last few weeks when the heat was on during the Conservative leadership challenge, these two female-oriented planets pointed towards a female PM.

Theresa May’s natal Jupiter is right now conjunct her transiting Jupiter so her first term kicks off under a lucky, expansive energy, and with what we astrologers call her progressed sun – where the sun has progressed to in her chart - in Sagittarius, she’ll radiate a sense of optimism, have high ideals and be guided by her religious beliefs. Her progressed moon is in Scorpio, so she’ll leave the country in a very different state to how she found it.

A fusion of the UK’s and Theresa’s charts tells us that her Venus and the UK’s Saturn are conjunct. Will she be taken seriously? Yes. Will she make a tough job look like a walk in the park? Yes. This is the ultimate ‘reward for hard work’ combo – both for her and for the British people.

Is Theresa May cut out for the job?

Saturn square Pluto is a key indicator of someone that seeks a position of authority because they instinctively know that they’d make a good leader. She’s also aware of all those undercurrents of power and control. Taking orders is not really for her either, so it’s the top job or nothing! Teething problems are likely in her first term because Pluto’s mandate is sweeping change whereas cautious Saturn hinders this with restriction, bureaucracy and red tape.

Will she be able to steer the ship through the choppy post-Brexit waters?

Theresa May was firmly in the remain camp. Good thing, then, that the ‘Mars opposite Jupiter’ aspect in her chart fires her up with enough energy and optimism to tackle all those tricky negotiations, as she finds herself in a position she never wanted to be in the first place.  This is an expansive energy too, so she may be good for the UK’s image overseas, and there’s a tendency to push, be a little bit cheeky and take chances. She’s also restless and impulsive when she wants something badly enough.

What’s the new Prime Minister, Theresa May, like privately?

Moon conjunct Pluto hints at introspection. She’s prone to sensitivity and emotional intensity, with a tendency to become completely absorbed in personal relationships when she doesn’t know what else to do. It’s likely she experienced controlling behavior on the part of one or both parents and continually imagines that she must break through similar restrictions as an adult.  Her challenge in life is to lose this insecurity by acknowledging her fabulous survival instinct, along with recognising the fact that there are hidden motivations operating in her life.

So what’s all the fuss about her shoes? The British media has of course picked up on her love of shoes. Her natal Mars in Pisces, ruler of the feet, might just be behind this one!

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