Chinese Horoscope 2016

As the Year of the Goat makes way for the Chinese Year of the Monkey we have a very different energy in play. The Goat was a passive year and as a Yin year was also passive in nature, while the Monkey comes along to shake things up and make us feel alive, bringing his ‘can do’ Yang energy with him. Not only that, but we have the Year of the Fire Monkey, the first in 60 years. The Monkey comes along, just when we need it most.

But what does the Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey actually mean?

The Monkey is the ninth animal in the Chinese cycle and the closest to us. Of all the animals in the Chinese cycle the Monkey is one in which we can see ourselves and therefore he has an almost human quality about him that we can all relate to. In Chinese Astrology the Monkey is the inventor, the innovator, the motivator and the improviser. He’s smart, quick witted, able to think on his feet and he’s also a charmer, a tricker and a bit of a prankster.

Key to working with the Year of the Monkey is thinking like a Monkey. He’s crazy smart, insanely intelligent and a lateral thinker. The Monkey will go for the easiest way out of a tricky situation every time and can’t think why you would want to do things the hard way. If there’s a short cut the Monkey will find it, but it’s your job to channel this in a way that doesn’t mean you cut too many corners, for often it’s the journey itself that teaches us the most. All in all you’ve reached one of the best years, a year where challenges are going to seem less daunting, obstacles less intimidating and every problem simply a solution waiting to be found. Above all it’s time to have some fun, for there is nothing the Monkey loves better than to play, with a bit of monkeying around good for most of us. Better have a bowl of bananas handy, for you’ll need to stock up on some brain food during this dynamic, exciting and fast paced year.

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