2019 Dragon Chinese Horoscope Prediction

2019 Dragon Chinese Horoscope Prediction

How the Year of the Pig 2019 affects the Chinese Zodiac Sign of the Dragon

The Pig brings true love and interesting career opportunities for you, the Dragon, but you must keep your own counsel. The Dragon is a magical creature, full of power, mystery and creative imagination and there are those who do not understand you well enough to give you good advice. The year of the Pig could bring fantastic career opportunities your way and make you money if you set some clear boundaries to keep others in check. Ask yourself: are you ready for a challenge? Act with integrity and honour, refraining from taking advantage of weaker souls and you will do well. Take care of your health and don’t work too hard. The year of the Pig is also a fantastic year for love, when you meet the One and make a serious commitment.

Love for single Dragons: This is the year when you could meet the One! Socialise and accept invitations to go out to give yourself your best chance. True love is a real possibility in the year of the Pig and there’s plenty of fish in the sea. Your soul mate is among them so keep an eye out!

Love for coupled up Dragons: Your partner is very attentive to you in the year of the Pig and eager to expresses their love for you. Appreciate and honour them. A pregnancy is possible. Freedom-closeness dilemmas could play up and in May, when it’s up to you if you’re ready to commit to someone all the way. Learn the value of positive compromise.

Most compatible with: Monkey and Rat

Least compatible with: Dog

Year of the Pig Forecast for you: This is a fantastic year for love and for making money. You’re ready for commitment in relationship and the year of the Pig could be when you find your One True Love!