Chinese horoscope 2020 Year of the Metal Rat

Chinese horoscope 2020

The Chinese New Year for 2020 is on the 25th of January and it kick starts the year of the Metal Rat, in the Chinese horoscope. The Chinese zodiac sign of the Rat is considered the first of the 12 animals in the Chinese astrology, signaling new beginnings. A 12 year cycle came to an end with the year of the Pig and now we are asked to start afresh. According to the characteristics of the Rat, this is a smart and alert animal, always looking for pleasure and success, but also quite content with what it has. More so when it comes to the metal Rat, a sign that is stable and can persevere through adversity or challenges. In other words, no matter what obstacles life and the universe might throw our way, we will find a way to overcome them and recalibrate the peace and quiet. Tolerance and optimism are also among the Rat’s traits and they will guide us to a positive year ahead in 2020. It will not be an easy task, given the current global turmoil, but the Chinese astrology once more shows its wisdom. Good fortune will come to those who an embrace those characteristics.

Chinese Horoscope 2020 compatibility

The Rat in the Chinese horoscope is most compatible with the Monkey, Ox and Dragon animals. Those are the signs that will benefit more throughout 2020 and likely see positive influences. Coupled with the Monkey, the Rat’s zest for life is reenergized and together they can be each other’s number 1 supporter. A passionate and truly intimate relationship is usually in the cards, when the Rat pairs with the Ox. The Dragon and Rat are compatible too, as they respect each other and honesty rules their relationship.

As far as compatibility is concerned, the least compatible signs with the Rat are the Horse and the Rooster. A relationship with either can easily spark disappointment, resentment and a conflict of interests. In 2020, those are the signs that will be find it difficult to strike a balance and avoid heated arguments, per the Chinese horoscope. 

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But let’s see each Chinese animal’s horoscope for 2020, the year of the Metal Rat:

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  • Rat Chinese horoscope 2020
    The year of your Chinese zodiac sign comes with a few challenges, but if you stay authentic and true to who you are, you are going to accomplish a lot in 2020!
  • Ox Chinese horoscope 2020
    The year of the Rat is a particularly positive year for the Chinese Ox and you should be able to achieve your goals with less stress than usual.
  • Tiger Chinese horoscope 2020
    2020 is a year that will empower you and allow you to shine, as long as you show confidence and go after the opportunities that will arise. Don’t overthink things but do keep your stubbornness in check.
  • Rabbit Chinese horoscope 2020
    The world is your oyster in 2020! Go out, have fun, meet new people and shine! From all those new acquaintances you might find someone truly special to share a future with.
  • Dragon Chinese horoscope 2020
    Your recent efforts will be rewarded and you gain the admiration and respect you deserve as far as your social and career status is concerned. Focus on what is really meaningful and love will smile back.
  • Snake Chinese horoscope 2020
    2020 restores your positivity, enthusiasm and desire for love. Things are not 100% smooth yet, but with your renewed attitude towards life and a touch of good luck, you’re off to a better, more fulfilling future now.
  • Horse Chinese horoscope 2020
    Change is the name of the game and as long as you can embrace it and adapt, you will have a chance for true personal growth. The building blocks for a better future are in front of you.
  • Goat/Sheep Chinese horoscope 2020
    You will find yourself happier and more fulfilled during the year of the metal Rat, both in the career and love fronts. The only condition is that you have learned from past mistakes.
  • Monkey Chinese horoscope 2020
    You have the opportunity to gain much more in 2020 than the previous years, but you will need to work hard in love and career to get where you want to be. This is not the time to fool around.
  • Rooster Chinese horoscope 2020
    2020 will be a year of introspection and change for the Rooster, as the year of the Metal Rat will challenge your attitude. It is a great opportunity for deep change that will shape a better future for you though.
  • Dog Chinese horoscope 2020
    The Year 2020 of the Metal Rat will challenge the way you view relationships and open your eyes to new possibilities. The sooner you let go of fixed patterns, the sooner your life will improve.
  • Pig Chinese horoscope 2020
    2020 and the year of the Metal Pig signals a wonderful time for the Chinese zodiac sign of the Pig. It is now time to relax and allow yourself to be taken care of ιn the hands of caring and loving people.