Dragon Chinese horoscope 2020

Dragon Chinese horoscope 2020

The 2020 Chinese horoscope for Dragon is a lucky and positive one. After years of struggling to find your true identity and surround yourself with supportive people, now is the time when it all pays off. The Dragon characteristics of determination and courage will prove to be valuable during this time. Your efforts will be acknowledged and rewarded at work and you should expect some financial gains as well. There are two potential pitfalls under this influence though, so take note and be prepared. The first is that your work-life balance will be tested, as the people closer to you will want more of your attention. The second is that your success and allure in 2020 might cause some people to antagonize you and push you to your limit. Resist the urge to fight back or respond angrily if you don’t want to compromise what you have gained.

Dragon love horoscope compatibility for 2020

As far as love and compatibility matters are concerned, you’re going to have a light and flirty attitude in the first half of the year. This can rekindle the flame in your existing relationship or help you meet new people if you’re single. Nothing sticks though during the first few months, as you don’t feel comfortable enough to commit or establish a sense of emotional security. Use this time to experiment and expand your social circle, because the dust will settle in the second half of the year. By that time you will have the confidence and desire to settle as well. Things could move rather quickly as you might get a sense that you have met your soul mate. If you take the time to invest in your relationship and not get carried away by random flings, this could very well be a long term, supportive partner. For that to be the case, your most compatible Chinese zodiac signs are Snake and Monkey.

Year of the Rat forecast for Dragon at a glance

Your recent efforts will be rewarded and you gain the admiration and respect you deserve as far as your social and career status is concerned. Don’t get carried away by the flashy people that show up, focus on what is really meaningful and love will smile back.

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