Horse Chinese horoscope 2020

Horse Chinese horoscope 2020

The Year of the Metal Rat is an interesting one for the zodiac sign of the Horse. You see, there is an inherent contradiction in the characteristics of your sign. On one hand, you are witty and flexible, as well as quick to adjust to new circumstances. On the other, you hate change and surprises. In 2020 there will be many such surprises and sudden events that will shake things up in your life. It will all be for the better though, as long as you don’t resist change too much. Easier said than done right? It is a year of personal development for you, when important improvements shall be made.

You are an expert in handling financial matters and very dedicated to your career, so no challenge can really throw you off balance. But sometimes you need to take some calculated risks if you want to really improve your living conditions and your future. In the year of the Rat, that is where you should be headed towards.

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Horse love horoscope compatibility for 2020

As far s your love horoscope for 2020 is concerned, now is a good time to take steps towards reconciling a relationship that has faced some turmoil recently. Instead of throwing it away, perhaps you should give one more chance for the quality of your bond to improve. It will only work if you’re willing to put in the effort though and not expect that things will change miraculously. If you’ve decided to go on searching for a new partner, the year of the Metal Rat is not the best time for long term commitment.

People you meet now will have an air of instability and surprising features, which might not work well with your personality. Just keep that in mind when you’re out there looking for a mate. If what you want is some light-hearted fun and a change of scenery, then by all means!

Year of the Rat forecast for Horse at a glance

The year of the Rat 2020 is not a year for long term plans and stability for the Horse. Change is the name of the game and as long as you can embrace it and adapt, you will have a chance for true personal growth. The building blocks for a better future are in front of you.

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