Ox Chinese horoscope 2020

Ox Chinese horoscope 2020

The year of the Metal Rat is a positive one for the Ox according to the Chinese Astrology. The Ox is a very serious, hard working and determined animal and thrives with goal setting. Just what the doctor prescribed for a challenging year like 2020. You will fell more attuned to your true self and less stressed overall, ready to tackle any task ahead. This will benefit your professional life and will help you achieve any goal you set during this time. At times when things get difficult, you will enjoy a touch of good luck. So long as you stay true to yourself and stick to being as straightforward as you usually are, this will be a very positive year for you. If, however, you resort to questionable tactics to get what you want, you should be prepared for things to not go that well.

Ox love horoscope compatibility for 2020

As far as your Chinese love horoscope for 2020 is concerned, it is a great time to strengthen your bonds with the people closest to you. The Ox doesn’t usually enjoy stormy romances, but rather looks for stability and true intimacy. A romantic relationship that has been hot and cold can now thrive and become permanent. Marriage is very probable in the year of the Metal Rat. If single and in the lookout, get ready to be in love again! You are most compatible with the Rat and Rooster, so you can’t go wrong if your current or wannabe partner belongs to one of those two. If you insist on starting a relationship with a Goat though, things might not be as rosy in the end. Don’t say you didn’t know! Whatever you decide, whoever joins you for this beautiful journey, 2020 will certainly be a year to remember.

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Year of the Rat forecast for Ox at a glance

The year of the Rat is a particularly positive year for the Chinese Ox and you should be able to achieve your goals with less stress than usual.