Rat Chinese horoscope 2020

Rat Chinese horoscope 2020

In Chinese astrology, when your zodiac sign is the one that rules the year, it is not always good news. It is usually a time for reflection and caution as a big life cycle comes to an end. In the year of the Metal Rat 2020, it seems that the Rats will steer clear of trouble and enjoy success, especially in terms of their career. We won’t go as far as to say that there won’t be any challenges or hardship in 2020 for you, but you will handle them in a way that eventually brings you joy and peace. You are smart, adaptable and resourceful and those are the traits that will help you shine once more. Those are the characteristics our times call for. With all its ups and downs 2020 can be an overall positive year. You career could get a sudden boost and money matters are favored, particularly if you plan to capitalise on a talent you already have.

Rat love horoscope compatibility for 2020

The Rat Chinese love horoscope for 2020 is not without struggle and challenges. To put it simply, your relationships will not be a walk in the park. If you are single, you might be attracted by several people during the year, but whatever starts now is not likely to last. That is good news if you’re looking for a fling and some passion in your life, but if you are after a committed relationship you should be cautious. For those of you in a relationship, your partner might start to seem increasingly demanding or distant. The key to overcoming any adversity is to focus on your core traits that make you unique. Being adaptable and honest will help you out of the tunnel once more. As far as love compatibility for Rats is concerned in 2020, your best bet is a Monkey or an Ox. Steer clear of new relationships with the Horse and the Rooster as things could get tumultuous.

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Year of the Rat forecast for Rat at a glance

The year of your Chinese zodiac sign comes with a few challenges, but if you stay authentic and true to who you are, you are going to accomplish a lot in 2020!

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