Rooster Chinese horoscope 2020

Rooster Chinese horoscope 2020

The year of the Metal Rat 2020 will not be a walk in the park for the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rooster. You sign does not work well with the traits of the Rat, in the sense that things will feel confusing and superficial at times. Roosters are always in for a good debate and thrive in environments where their originality is recognised and appreciated. However, during the year of the Rat, things won’t be handed over to you with as much generosity and appreciation. Instead of becoming angry and harsh, you should try to get in touch with your empathy and inner resources to bypass obstacles. Relying on others won’t get you very far at this time, unless you are willing to compromise and keep your pride in check.

In general, your relationships are about to undergo a significant facelift. Long term, this is very positive as you will only keep around the people that have earned their place in your life and heart. But short-term you might feel a bit alienated, especially if you have been too self reliant and perhaps dismissive in the recent past.

Rooster love horoscope compatibility for 2020

The same applies to your love horoscope and compatibility outlook for 2020 as well. Things are changing and unless you go with the flow you should be expecting ups and downs in love. The more you resist reevaluating your relationships and your stance on the matter, the harder it will be for you to find balance and happiness.

But if you finally manage to accept the things you cannot control and rediscover your inner warmth, the more rewarding love can become again, even against all odds. A reliable Ox or a persistent Snake can show you the way and help you see the fun and joy that lies in sharing a life together. Or even the relief and sense of belonging that sometimes comes through compromise.

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Year of the Rat forecast for Rooster at a glance

2020 will be a year of introspection and change for the Rooster, as the year of the Metal Rat will challenge your attitude. It is a great opportunity for deep change that will shape a better future for you though.

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