Snake Chinese horoscope 2020

Snake Chinese horoscope 2020

The year of the Metal Rat comes as a sigh of relief for Snakes, as they come out of a challenging and trying period. Your 2020 Chinese horoscope is a lot calmer and less stressful than the year of the Pig for you. Having been tested by responsibilities and bad luck in the recent past, it is now the time to focus on what makes you happy. New hobbies and ways to make your daily life more fun are a priority.

Not only will this bring light up your mood, it will also introduce you to fun people with whom you share common interests. Be feeling lighter and more like your generous, kind hearted self, you will attract similar minded people. Not everyone will be like that though, so keep an eye out for the so-called “frenemy”. Money matters might put you in a tight spot, but you will find your way out. It won’t be difficult to keep things in check if you’re mindful of what you spend and why.

Snake love horoscope compatibility for 2020

Your Chinese horoscope for 2020 in terms of romantic compatibility mirrors your overall Rat Year forecast. Things improve compared to the previous years, mostly because you feel more light hearted and playful again. This will be an important boost for an existing relationship, or help you come closer with new people if you’re single. If coupled up, make sure you add a shared interest, a common hobby in your lifestyle –this can do wonders for you relationship.

Towards the end of the year, luck smiles upon you in terms of love. A Dragon or Rooster is likely to put a smile on your face and –why not? - a ring on your finger! Your compatibility with these zodiac signs in off the charts in 2020, particularly in the second half. So, if you’re ready for a committed relationship, that’s where you should be heading by then.

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Year of the Rat forecast for Snake at a glance

2020 restores your positivity, enthusiasm and desire for love. Things are not 100% smooth yet, but with your renewed attitude towards life and a touch of good luck, you’re off to a better, more fulfilling future now.