Dog Chinese horoscope 2021

Dog Chinese horoscope 2021


Like a bag full of surprises



Wow! You have so many plans for the new year, you could easily make a whole series (including lots of action and plot twists). Because in the year of the Buffalo, if the dog sticks to one thing for too long, they lose interest and wander off. You and routine – that’s a complicated relationship and your closest circle also feels that. They also have to come up with something new to keep you interested. 



During summer, the dog is much more about teamwork and cooperation. Evenings are now reserved for friends and family: enjoying a BBQ, chatting, watching the sun – you need the togetherness of your people and they need you just as much. Overall, you pay much more attention to your private life. A broken friendship is repaired, and singles are open for something new again. Until now you have celebrated being single, now you want someone who is close to you. Just remember the Mars Sun doesn’t care about a strategic approach but prefers spontaneity.



Grey, cold and rainy autumn? No way. Yours will be colorful! Of course, it’s your best season, because according to Chinese astrology, the dog is one of the autumn signs. Success at your job, love and fun – you’ll get plenty of everything! The metal sign of the buffalo has you making clever tactics and elevates your skills. During autumn you can dig deeper into your pocket – a weekend in an exclusive spa hotel or a new mountain bike, treat yourself to those things that will nourish you internally. In addition, the Venus Sun also give you the jackpot in love. Your feelings between you and your other half become deeper and more intimate.

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Towards the end of the year, you feel a little bit more deflated. It’s time to focus on more self-care and retreat. Turn down a project if it demands too much of your energy – your financial resources are safe. Dare to say no sometimes, even if it means turning down your next date. Make yourself comfortable at home with some biscuits and mulled wine.