Goat/Sheep Chinese horoscope 2021

Goat/Sheep Chinese horoscope 2021


Selfcare it is!



Goats take care of everyone else first and forget themselves on the way. Stop, because it’s not working! The metal buffalo that rules over 2021 puts the focus on self-care for you. One of the first things you are leaning during spring is that saying no frees you. Your rejections might cause a little confusion and astonished looks initially, but no one is actually angry with you. This leaves you with more time and energy for yourself.



You have managed to leave your burdens in spring and are ready for a new start this summer. According to the Chinese horoscope you are a summer sign, so things are working out in your favor. You find your job quite boring, but it gives you the security you need? Now is the time to forget about it and apply for something new. There is so much more in you, and you want to finally make the most of your previously buried talents. Get what you need for happiness right away.



This autumn it’s time for you to enjoy what you’ve built during the summer. Instead of rushing into the next big thing on your bucket list, take some time out to binge-watch your favorite series and munch on that chocolate. No need to be forcing down that smoothie. 



It’s time make yourself comfortable at home because goats are naturally allergic to the cold. The only time you go get up, is to go for a walk because you love your new coat and want to show it off to the world. Once you get outside however, you realize how good it feels to walk a longer distance than between the couch and the fridge.