Horse Chinese horoscope 2021

Horse Chinese horoscope 2021


First comes pleasure...



Horses get off to a good start. You curiously look around as a single person and immediately meet similarly adventurous companions. You not only feelwhat and who is good for you, but also know exactly how to get what you want. There is no faffing about, you head straight for your goal, whether it’s a job or a flirt. Even at work everything is going straight, but without much excitement. Your focus is clearly on love and everything that promises fun. But hey, no one is judging you, because you only live once right?



Spring was fun, but there is too much ambition in horses. During summer you focus entirely on your goals at work. Now is the time to focus on your career and earn more money. Sounds too easy? Well it is, if you take advantage of your social skills! You know exactly when to use your clever conversation skills, to get you to the next level. As a summer sign you are on the fast track from July onwards, achieving one goal after another. 



You’ve achieved what others try to achieve in a year, during a few summer months; so you definitely deserve a break now. Pack your bags and get on to the next plane heading towards the sun. You urgently need to get out of your everyday routine! Desire is on the decline for both single horses and those in a relationship. Listen more carefully to the people around you. Action outside the bedroom will also give your love life that extra kick.



At the end of the year, you ring into the reflective season. With scented candles, biscuits, mulled wine and relaxed evenings on the couch; horses are completely shutting down now. You’re ready for the next step in your relationship and you’re finally sure of your feelings. Maybe you can already hear the wedding bells? What used to scare you, now makes you happy. 


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