Monkey Chinese horoscope 2021

Monkey Chinese horoscope 2021


Intuition is everything



This will be your lucky year. Spring is uncovering your bubbly side and unleashing all the good vibes. You get inspired by everything – so take it all in and let your ideas run wild! You even see your follower count skyrocket, as you pour out your creativity. Ever considered becoming an Influencer? While the Jupiter Sun shows there won’t be much happening within your love life, you should focus your energy on projects that mean a lot to you.



While spring was the best time to get your career in check, the cosmos tells us summer will be full of love for the monkeys. Singles, now is the time to make your grand move - your good mood and charisma are infecting everyone. However, don’t make the mistake of dating two people at once, because sooner than later you will realize that that’s not you. 

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You are still on a summer-high and enjoy everything life has to offer: road trips, ordering food several times a week, new lingerie… but now you’re also noticing your account balance is starting to look very low. You decide autumn is the perfect season to change that because as an autumn sign, monkeys achieve the greatest successes during this time. Keep things clear and simple and try not to overthink too much. Trust your first impulse and you will be on the right path.



It’s the season to start focusing on your yourself! Time to ask yourself: what is still important to you? What had always been your biggest goal? Your needs might have changed over time but now you are finally ready to acknowledge that, and adjust your plans accordingly. There is no more space in your life for those who have been holding you back. Instead, spend more time with those who enrich you.