Ox Chinese horoscope 2021

Ox Chinese horoscope 2021


Jackpot! 2021 is your year!



Your time is now! The year 2021 is under the sign of the buffalo – that’s like winning the lottery for you! You really can’t get any luckier and there are plenty more positive cosmic vibes coming your way. Where you usually take a cautious approach, this time around you are going for it knowing that everything will work out in the end.  You grab the new challenge at work because you know: “I can do it!” Your chronic optimism can cause envy, but your charm and gregarious nature is enough to even wrap those around your finger. At work, your ideas get enthusiastic nods and colleagues want to see as a team leader. Go for it! You have the support of your closest friends and family on your side.



Let’s not beat around the bush: summer is simply not your time. The faster the thermometer rises, the more you seem to get stagnate at work. Good thing, that buffaloes are patient. During this time it will be incredibly good for you to get out and absorb something new. Go on that holiday and just put your legs up. You can’t achieve any more success in your career during this season anyway. Single buffaloes like to take on an adventure now; love can wait because exciting flirtations are much more fun  at the moment! Buffaloes in a relationship should enjoy a change of scenery – away from the job and daily routine you will experience your love in a completely different way.



Your batteries are full and your ambition is awakened. Autumn can come – and it has a lot to offer! First of all, lots of amore which is no surprise, as it’s ruled by the Venus Sun. Even in eastern astrology Venus represents the love joker. This means you can look forward to a sensual and intense phase, filled with really big feelings. Buffalo singles fall head over heels in love, with further potential to become more. Couples always find little escapes in everyday life and discover each other anew on all levels. Even in your job your flying high, while the creative ideas are bubbling out of you. 



You’re in the flow and are gliding through the days in a relaxed manner. You think autumn can’t be topped? Winter is even better! This is your time, because the buffalo is one of the winter signs. You’re going the extra mile at work and of course, such good work simply has to be rewarded. If your boss doesn’t come up with the idea himself. Nudge him in the right direction. 


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