Pig Chinese horoscope 2021

Pig Chinese horoscope 2021


The courage to dare



No Chinese zodiac sign stands more for warmth and security than the pig. With your sensitive nature you attract other people like a magnet. But you are picky and are choosing to stay around your real friends only. You are longing for deeper conversations, but only with the right people and not just anyone. You also think twice before you go on a second date with someone. 



The warmer it gets outside, the more you’re in the mood for a casual get-together. You had enough deep conversations during spring – now it’s time for small talk. Your bubbly nature is just a bonus. At work you keep your focus and do what you need to do. Only once that super important project is off the table, you start to indulge in your favorite summer activities. You enjoy the warm days, flirt and radiate an irresistible charm and sex appeal.



For the pig, autumn will be a firework display when it comes to love. Singles have the Venus Sun on their side and go out all the way. Now is the time to fully get involved with another person and put your feelings on the table. Don’t let your fear of disappointments hold you back from trying out new things. Be brave! If something doesn’t work out just laugh it off and learn from it instead. This will liberate you in the long run.



You are a winter sign! This means while others slowly fall into hibernation, you start to fully blossom again. You don’t let stress touch you because you’re in complete zen-mode. Whatever it is your body might need during this time, you nurture it. Spontaneously take a day off, pull the covers over your head and just enjoy a day without obligations. Now it’s about you and only you. That’s exactly what you need!


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