Rabbit Chinese horoscope 2021

Rabbit Chinese horoscope 2021



Clarity instead of forced harmony!



You can actually mark every single day in your calendar, because every single one will be great for you. As a rabbit, you belong to the spring signs in the Chinese horoscope and are now experiencing your absolute peak phase. You just feel good and radiate it – which your favorite person finds super sexy. Still single? Probably not for much longer! 



The Mars Sun gives you more clarity and consistency – this is really good for the otherwise so harmony-loving rabbit. You don’t let work be imposed on you so easily anymore. Why should you always have to step in when there’s a fire? Let the others do it, you’ve played the fairy godmother for everyone and everything for long enough. Instead, you prescribe yourself a large portion of self-care. This gives you much more time for the issues that are close to your heart. 



In autumn you don’t tear each other’s clothes off but shower each other with sweet compliments. Sensitive issues will have to wait, you can sort them out later. Instead, you focus on what’s going well and what connects you with each other. But be careful as a single, you can easily fall into the trap of some flirts right now.

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You also lack a clear perspective at work, but your creative streak is bubbling over. Push new ideas, but don’t get tied down. You’ll do best if you remain open to all possibilities. When it comes to finances, caution is advised, so don’t jump at every tempting sale.



You prefer to focus on just a handful of people with whom you can share everything that is important to you. Rabbits don’t need a party buddy who they can good around with. Your desire for action is dimmed and nothing draws you outside now. You need to be careful not to become a couch potato. Long evenings with wine, popcorn, arthouse films and even better conversations: there’s nothing better for you right now!

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