Rat Chinese horoscope 2021

Rat Chinese horoscope 2021


It's getting wild!



Initially it might take you a while to get going, but career-wise the rats are on a fast track in 2021. Though, it might take until May before the ball starts rolling, you will eventually overtake everyone around you. According to the Chinese horoscope, the Jupiter Sun rules during spring… and it’s quite something, because it will give you the confidence to go all out! Apply for that new job or finally ask your crush out, because the rats this year know exactly what they want, and aren’t afraid to go for it. It will definitely pay off to risk a little more, and not just on the job. Even though extreme flirting might not be your thing, you can end up in bed with your flirt right after the first date. Why wait when it feels right? Whether it’s sex toys or role play – let your imagination be your guide. Don’t overthink it, just do it.

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In China, summer is associated with the element of fire – and the sociable rats feel this with every fiber. Summer lures you out of your comfort zone and you throw yourself into everything that promises fun and good vibes. From martial arts in the city park to stand-up paddling on the lake – you’re ready to have the summer of your life. Single rats are picky and prefer to date several potential partners at once rather than miss out on opportunities. No adventure is wild enough for you this summer but watch out, as this can be exhausting in the long run. Instead try to take it down a notch and focus your energy on the people who are important to you. Cultivate your closest friendships instead of making lots of new insignificant contacts. 



Whew, the summer was exhausting, but your jitteriness is finally subsiding. In autumn, the Venus Sun gives you a boost of creativity. From designing jewelry to writing poetry – you relax best with a creative output. There will also be someone who’s going all out to impress you. At first it might boost your ego, but in long run it won’t be enough. In a relationship there’s radio silence, as you just can’t seem to get close to the person. This drives you crazy because what you can’t have right away, excites you even more! However, there is no Chinese zodiac sign as resourceful as the rat, so you know exactly what to do to tickle the attention of your counterpart.

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As a winter sign, the rat is in absolute top form until the end of the year. The year of the buffalo makes you even more ambitious than usual and the Mercury Sun makes you eager to excel at work. While others are still trying to figure out how Zoom works, you’ve already moved on to the next problem. Pay rise? A new job? It’s all in for the rat!