Rooster Chinese horoscope 2021

Rooster Chinese horoscope 2021


Better together!



“Thanks, but I can do it on my own!” How many times have you said that sentence? Chances are it has already been so many times that no one offers you help anymore, and all of a sudden, the rooster’s ego is starting to slip up. You find that receiving a little help once in a while strengthens the connections with the people you love the most. You start to become a real team player and grow even faster.



You become even more productive and enjoy working in a team. You know exactly how much you need to do in order to be successful. In the evenings you even have enough energy left to nurture your relationship again in a long time. This brings more harmony and closeness to the both of you. Single on the other hand are still putting a large focus on the past. Sex with the ex just sounds too tempting. However, you quickly realize it was the wrong decision and put things behind you.



As a rooster you belong to the autumn signs, so the Venus Sun brings out your creativity. Instead of planning out your day to the max, you want to experiment and try out one or two crazy new ideas. You remember how good it feels to just be spontaneous and enjoy new workouts, winetasting and flirting strategies. You start seeing new places as you long for more adventures in your everyday life.

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At the end of the year, it’s all about slowing down. Your autumn was exciting and enriching, but it also strained your nerves. Now is the time to rest and process the experiences and special moments of the year. Above all it’s important to you to nurture the relationships that are important to you. You become gentler with yourself and celebrate small successes, instead of immediately adding on more.


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