Snake Chinese horoscope 2021

Snake Chinese horoscope 2021


No more compromising



In the year of the buffalo, your focus should be on more structure and reliability. If your partner isn’t there for you at times when it gets tough, move on. No more excuses, the snakes have had enough of them. You don’t compromise at work either. You even end up impressing your colleagues, who end up valuing your steadfastness. You realize that in the end staying your ground was the best decision you made.



During spring it was all about your career. However, no one can blame you as there was no love or lust in sight. That’s now going to change. Your summer will be reflected by the Chinese horoscope’s element of fire, which is looking very hot for you! We’re talking wild, ecstatic sex you haven’t had in a long time. You’re a summer sign, and now you are mercilessly playing on that. In the sun you feel the most comfortable and everyone can that. You’re beaming and that won’t change for a while.



As a snake you are not the type of person who takes big risks. But when all the conditions are right, you play poker. You’re clever and ambitious and that pays off during autumn. This is your opportunity to get that raise or new position! In your love life you bring out the romantic side. The Venus Sun triggers your desire for closeness. 

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What distinguishes you as a snake is your ability to take criticism, while remaining mentally strong and mysterious. You had enough hustle and bustle during the year, so you take it easy and focus on one or two projects at a time. You still put in a 100% until everything is exactly how you wanted it… but don’t forget to take care of yourself during this time as well.