Tiger Chinese horoscope 2021

Tiger Chinese horoscope 2021


Time to follow your impulses



You’re already tingling all over and can’t wait. Spring is the starting signal for you to finally let it out. You’ve been working on your plans long enough, they’re perfect – ready for implementation. So, don’t take too long and do what you believe in, to fulfil your innermost wishes. Remember: you are a spring sign! This is your time of year to expand your horizons.



The strong impulses of the Mars Sun turn you on and the hormones rush through your body at an unbelievable speed. This can quickly make you overconfident. Your tiger-like tendency towards extremes gave you a certain kick in spring, but now it’s stressing you out. Mars is also the guarantor of erotic highlights in the Chinese horoscope but doesn’t necessarily stand for deep feelings. You fall in love quickly, enjoy non-binding sex, and then move on again. Until someone comes along who gives you your freedom and doesn’t want to limit you.

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You need warmth and sunshine to keep your inner motor running. When the days get darker and colder again, the tiger gets drawn back into its cave. Sounds boring? Don’t worry, it’s not! Your priorities just shift a little. In autumn, you’re no longer so busy, but plan more time for creative ideas and let them sink in first, instead of getting started straight away.



Your body is in hibernation mode, but your mind is totally productive. The Mercury Sun focuses your energy on concentration and careful planning. You’re starting to get addicted to the feeling of accomplishment and love getting things done. This opens up completely new perspectives because your gaze is no longer narrowed. Instead of jumping straight into bed with your flirt, you chat through the night. This sparks your desire for more but you’re not in a hurry at all, and that’s precisely what makes you even more attractive to your counterpart.

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