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Your New Start with the Chinese Horoscope 2022

Happy Lunar New Year! On the 1st of February 2022 a new Lunar Year or Chinese New Year starts in China! This time it takes place in the Chinese zodiac sign Tiger in the element of water. The third sign in the Chinese zodiac stands for courage, determination and assertiveness. Sounds good? Yes, it sure does! Because what you tackle in the Tiger year will become quite something. It challenges you to finally get going. Regardless of which of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs you belong to. For all of them, the Chinese New Year 2022 is about one thing: daring and the desire to try something new.

Especially if you are facing a change in your career, the Tiger in 2022 can be your game-changer. The Chinese zodiac sign makes you more willing to take on risks and new opportunities, where you might not have expected them. Besides the zodiac sign, the element in which the new Lunar Year takes place is also crucial, of which there are 5 in the Chinese horoscope: Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Metal. In 2022 it will be water. The special thing about it is that the water tiger will not shape the spirit of the Chinese Lunar New Year for another 60 years. So... be water, my friend!

2022 - The Year of the Water Tiger

In the 2022 Chinese horoscope, the element water stands for intuition, flexibility and abundance. It makes us more open to new ideas and we intuitively notice the right path and which soft skills are worthwhile. Water makes us more spontaneous and opens up new horizons. Nevertheless - caution is advised, because especially with the driving energy of the tiger and the open-minded spirit of water, we tend to just do things without giving it much thought. This can work, but especially in the Year of the Water Tiger in 2022, it is definitely worth checking up on Plan A. For all 12 Chinese zodiac signs, dare to think big and: enjoy the ride!

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