Daily Horoscope - Wednesday, 10 August, 2022

Daily Horoscope - Wednesday, 10 August, 2022

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The moon is in Capricorn today and many of us could discover the perfectionist in ourselves. Our tip is: Don't be too strict with yourself. Self-discipline is good, but it can also be a bit exaggerated today. Everything doesn't always have to be 150 per cent correct. Especially when dealing with children or young people, show a lot of empathy and refrain from being strict. It's more useful if you put yourself in other people's shoes instead of stubbornly trying to impose your will.

The Moon-Uranus trine as an ideal antipole to the Capricorn Moon

How good that there is also a trine between the Moon and Uranus in today's horoscope. This softens the strict Capricorn vibes a bit - and makes us spontaneous, open and flexible. We react quickly, are interested in news and trends and can integrate innovations into our everyday life. But we make sure that they also make sense. Moon and Uranus are in earth signs right now. Even in euphoria, we always keep one foot on the ground and don't completely take off.

10 Aug 2022