Daily Horoscope - Monday, 03 August, 2020

Daily Horoscope - Monday, 03 August, 2020

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We’ve a Full Moon in Aquarius and it’s a big day today… Fasten your seatbelt! Today could bring crazy surprises. This Full Moon is square to rebel Uranus and it’s here to liberate you well and good. To free you absolutely from something or someone! Who or what could it be? You’re no stranger to Uranus in Taurus by now, still… Whatever you discover today could come as shock… Mercury opposes Saturn too and some piece of news could well fall on you like a ton of bricks. On the other hand, it could be time to get the official seal of approval for something that you’ve worked for long and hard. And well earned it is! Read on for all the starry nitty gritty on love, career and the rest in your daily horoscope, star sign by star sign!

Surprise! Breakthrough! The Aquarius Full Moon beats you to the punch.

Time to shake things up a bit. It’s a day of surprises alright! We’ve an Aquarius Full Moon and something important is culminating in your life. Something that began six months ago, back in February, is now coming full circle and is up for assessment. How have you fared? Uranus is sure to be full of surprises so don’t count your chickens till they hatch.

Saturn is also present today, opposite Mercury in Cancer, and making sure that proper diligence gets its due reward. This is the moment when you get the seal of approval for something you’ve been working on, the moment you get the paperwork done, the title or deed. Alternatively, it could be a reality-check, a criticism, a warning that you need to work harder to make the grade. Hark Saturn’s message today. Listen and learn. But don’t take heavy words to heart. Saturn can be rather harsh toward subjective and sentimental Mercury in Cancer… Be professional about it.

This Aquarius Full Moon is sextile Chiron and square Uranus and it’s sure to have an ace up its sleeve. Whatever is going down today, it sure feels liberating! It might come as a shock… Or it might be exciting, electrifying, exhilarating! Either way, today is hell-bent on shaking up the status quo. On setting you free… Make that quantum leap!

03 Aug 2020