Daily Horoscope - Thursday, 29 October, 2020

Daily Horoscope - Thursday, 29 October, 2020

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The Moon’s in Aries and waxing happily and with a wonderful Taurus Full Moon Blue Moon Micromoon heading your way, this Halloween is going to be truly magical! Now’s the chance to put the finishing touches to your creation. What do you want to be celebrating by this Halloween? What’s getting you all excited? What are you ready to turn around in your life? As the Moon conjuncts Mars retrograde in Aries, it sounds the alarm, reminding you to finish with your clean up operation. Get it all ship shape for the brilliant, electrifying and illuminating Full Moon that’s coming! And do read up on for your zodiac sign’s daily horoscope for all the nitty gritty on love, career and happiness.

Hurry and get it done with the help of the Moon and Mars!

You’re on a mission today and you won’t take no for an answer. The Moon’s in Aries, where it waits for no man and woman. And Mars might be retrograde but he’s still got his own agenda. To shift some energies, to stir the pot, to change things around! And right now, he’s giving you a push to get to the finish line of that unpleasant job you’ve sunk your teeth into. As the Moon and Mars meet, you feel the urge to do something. It’s that itch you just have to scratch...

The Moon’s only just getting started in Aries and you have a busy run up to the weekend ahead. Aries is all about action, you know. “Just do it!” is an Aries motto. And sometimes that’s all it takes. Even if you jump in with both feet and make some colossal mistake, that’s still infinitely better than doing nothing. Remember, once all is said and done, you only ever regret what you don’t do. Just do it.

The Moon heads to Jupiter next. Jupiter is winking at the Lunar Nodes though and your philosophy needs some minor adjustments.  Action is required. An open mind too. Do you need to ditch that belief to do what you need to do? This is a good day to try. Find that action-packed resolution to your dilemma.

29 Oct 2020