Daily Horoscope - Tuesday, 18 June, 2019

Daily Horoscope - Tuesday, 18 June, 2019

Free Daily Horoscope for your star sign. Get accurate forecasts on matters of career and love and find out what the stars predict for you today Tuesday 18 June 2019!

Daily horoscope: What`s in the stars today for your relationship and work life.

Saturn sextiles Neptune for the second time in 2019 just as Mercury and Mars in Cancer conjunct and it’s time to kick things up a gear! Ready to realise your dreams? This is a day for practical magic and for putting your mind to work to secure and solidify your plans. And you’re so motivated! So excited! So riled up perhaps…! All is as it should be and the Capricorn Moon is here to help. So have a read of your daily horoscope plus the detailed astrology forecast for your star sign.

Mars meets Mercury and you’re armed and ready. Your dreams are calling!

Saturn sextiles Neptune today, striking a beautiful note into an otherwise would-be dreary Tuesday afternoon, which it certainly is not. Because Saturn and Neptune infuse your world with magic and make your dreams real! And it’s been going on all year too! It’s just that, if you listen closely today, you’ll see how far you’ve truly come with blending the world of your imagination with your day to day life. And that’s what it’s all about!

And if you’re not quite convinced, then Mercury and Mars are here to egg you on! Like a fly that simply won’t give up till you get off the couch and do something, Mercury and Mars are determined to see you turn your plans, ideas and strategies into action. No good just talking about stuff. No use acting blindly. Intelligent action - that’s what it’s all about! And you’re ready to take some today! An idea has got you all excited, putting fire in your belly and propelling you forward.

The waning Capricorn Moon is the perfect backdrop to all this practical idealism… all this romantic realism. It’s just what you need to focus on your goals and get working. And as the Moon heads toward Saturn and the South Node, there’s some past unfinished business to address. And by jove you’re armed and ready for it!

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18 Jun 2019