Daily Horoscope - Monday, 16 May, 2022

Daily Horoscope - Monday, 16 May, 2022

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First thing in the morning is full moon in Scorpio. There are no half measures, because the motto of Scorpio is: all or nothing. He tends to be uncomfortable, very emotional and extreme. The energy of the full moon even intensifies the typical Scorpio characteristics. Not only do the covers come off in the bedroom, sex is hotter than ever. Many a person could break taboos now. Secrets come to light and we must expect that fronts harden and that perhaps limits are shown. What is uncomfortable, but probably urgently necessary, because the Scorpio full moon also has a healing effect. It can bang and come to the quarrel - but afterwards the air is clear again.


The Moon and Jupiter provide new confidence

A Moon-Jupiter trine brings more confidence and harmony starting in the afternoon. The excitement subsides, we quickly connect with other people and can play out our social skills. We feel especially comfortable in the company of dear people now. And we know exactly how to make the most of the second half of the day. Moon and Jupiter make us more relaxed and receptive for the beautiful sides of life. The focus is on enjoyment.

16 May 2022