Daily Horoscope - Friday, 18 October, 2019

Daily Horoscope - Friday, 18 October, 2019

Free Daily Horoscope for your star sign. Get accurate forecasts on matters of career and love and find out what the stars predict for you today Friday 18 October 2019!

Daily horoscope: What`s in the stars today for your relationship and work life.

The Gemini Moon may be waning but it’s still pretty full around the edges. The Full Moon was only five days ago and you’re still reaping the rewards of that lucky, if a little intense, lunation. As the Moon squares Neptune and opposes Jupiter today, it’s time to test your hopes and dreams against real hard facts. It’s a sociable day, if a little hazy. Don’t push too hard, despite Jupiter asking you to. You might not always have everything you need to make the right decisions right now. But as the day wears on, your vitality gets a super-boost from the Sun. Your reward is within your sights! Read on for your daily horoscope and today’s astrology forecast for your star sign.

Scattered to the four winds? It’s today’s flighty Gemini Moon!

The Moon’s in flighty and chatty Gemini today and you’ll enjoy many a witty banter with waiters, neighbours and passers by. Everybody’s welcome where Gemini is concerned - as long as they have something interesting to say. Anything to keep boredom at bay!

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The Moon is in its disseminating phase - that’s when the Moon is waning after it’s become full. This is always a time of rewards. You can now look back at everything you’ve achieved over the past couple of weeks and prepare to wind down in preparation for a new cycle. But not before you reap the fruit of your labours! And you’ll do so tonight, we promise, as the Moon trines the life giving Sun in Libra!

Neptune and Jupiter also have their hand in today’s astrological proceedings. You could well cross a few emotional wires with Neptune and Jupiter at loggerheads with the Moon so you’re best off taking a back seat and not making too many hasty assumptions. You’re way off the mark! Lay low and try to figure out what that annoying buzzing just at the very edge of your hearing is trying to alert you to. Do a little meditation to clear your mind and slow down your train of thought a minute…

Your reward will come this evening, as the Moon trines the Sun! You can finally see that it’s all been worth it and relationships work a treat tonight. Check out your star sign for your love horoscope!

18 Oct 2019