Daily Horoscope - Wednesday, 29 January, 2020

Daily Horoscope - Wednesday, 29 January, 2020

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The Moon moves from Pisces into Aries and that’s just what you need to give you an extra oomph to kick-start your week! Yes, we said ‘start’ because, you’re just waking up from a dream… And you’ll need a moment to recover from the incredible dose of magic and romance you just got injected with! Today’s Aries Moon does the trick. Shake off the stardust and read on for your daily horoscope!

Get your head back in the game with the Aries Moon!

You’ve been out of it - out of this world! - in the past couple of days. On cloud nine perhaps… Or maybe the seventh ring of hell, but either way… You got to experience some loving kindness, even if by a stranger, restoring your faith in humankind. The Moon enters Aries today and it’s time to wake up! Time to return to the present, alive and kicking. The here and now is calling.

After your dreamy whirlwind romance, the Moon is in Aries and that gives you enough energy to get the ball rolling. This is a time to make things happen, get things started, pick up the thread. As the Moon conjuncts Chiron, you find yourself flooded by feelings and sensations that take you right back… Back in time. Address those old hurts and bring yourself fully back to the present moment.

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The Moon is waxing all week long and you’ll soon be called to make a decision. This weekend, in fact. For now, you’ll need to move quickly. Aries appreciates speed so get things moving moving in the right direction and pronto!

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29 Jan 2020