Taurus Daily horoscope for Monday, 03 August 2020

Taurus Daily Horoscope for Monday, 03 August 2020. Get accurate love and career forecasts for Taurus today and find out what the stars predict for your star sign!

Taurus Today

You’ve got many innovative and radical projects in the works but for now you need to take it a step at a time and proceed slowly but surely. Things are going well, generally, and you’ll soon have a chance to re-examine any matters of great importance to you. Have a frank discussion with everyone concerned about matters pending and which need immediate solutions.

Daily Love Horoscope

In your love life, it’s time to show that you’re good and willing to overcome any difficulties that plague your relationship. Don’t insist on being right. Be open to discussion, instead and try to relax a little. Today’s planetary set up helps you communicate your ideas successfully. You need to make the best of this, whether you’re single or hitched. Single Tauruses can look forward to a happy surprise!

Daily Career Horoscope

You’re quite stressed at work today, dear Taurus. What you need to realise in this case is that you can’t do everything all at once. Calm down and learn to set priorities. This will help you achieve all your aims. Expenses are rising and this throws you financially off track.

How do the planets affect Taurus today, at this present hour?

Time: Mars
From: 18:08:50 Till 19:24:22

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