Weekend love horoscope - Aquarius

This is the daily love horoscope for Aquarius star sign and Aquarius Ascendant people, for 17/03/2018. Whether you're in a relationship or not, read on to find out how today's astrological aspects will affect your love life.

Aquarius Sunday 18 March 2018

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Dear Aquarius, here’s your weekend love horoscope 

It’s all money, money, money, but is it funny in your world, lovely Aquarius? This might be a watershed moment if you’re sick and tired of scratching a living. 

Single Aquarius love horoscope 

It won’t be pretty if anybody’s trying to muscle in on what you think is yours!

Aquarius in a relationship love horoscope 

If you don’t get a nod of thanks when you let a driver out, or someone lets a door swing in your face, it can really piss you off more than usual this weekend. The swines!

Sunday 18 March 2018