Weekend love horoscope - Virgo

This is the daily love horoscope for Virgo star sign and Virgo Ascendant people, for 21/10/2017. Whether you're in a relationship or not, read on to find out how today's astrological aspects will affect your love life.

Virgo Sunday 22 October 2017

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Dear Virgo, here’s your daily love horoscope 

Problems only arise when you expect everybody to be as mentally sharp as you are this weekend, dear Virgo.

Single Virgo love horoscope 

Flirt like mad - that’s what your love horoscope advocates, dear Virgo. Short and sweet. Just like you! (unless you’re a tall Virgo!)

Virgo in a relationship love horoscope 

When was the last time you played a board game or took part on a pub quiz? All good, old-fashioned clean fun stuff to do this weekend!

Sunday 22 October 2017