Dream Meanings - Letter A

Dictionary of dreams, find the meaning of dreams that begin with the letter A. Dreams with A, such as angel, abortion, abyss, accident, airplane, animals etc.


Letter A dream interpretation

A dream of the letter A is an indication of a new beginning in your life. It could also signify a tense situation with a loved one though, because one of you has been treated unfairly.


If you dream you are having an abortion then you will be relieved of problems.


To dream that you are in an abyss means that you will have some encounters with loved ones that will make you feel bitter. You may feel offended by the words and actions of people for whom up till now you have had great respect. If you dream that you are staring at an abyss from afar but can’t get close to it then be careful with your finances as you might lose some money.


If you dream that you have an accident then a sudden obstacle will appear in a personal issue, which will put an end to something you were anticipating would happen. You will not be able to achieve what you were hoping for.


If you dream that you or someone else is an actor, there will be an argument with someone who wants to trick you.


If you dream that you have been adopted then someone will support you at work and make you happy, but if you adopt a child then your behaviour might create problems.
If you dream about putting up an advertisement then take care when telling your secrets as you might be betrayed. If you are reading an ad then you will have obstacles in issues of concern to you. If the ad involves another person then you will hear sad news.


If you dream that clean/crispy wind is blowing towards you then relief and joy await you. If, however, the air you breath is unpleasant then expect difficulties.


To dream of airplanes can have many meanings. If you see that you are travelling by plane, this means that whatever you have planned so far will come true in the best possible way. If the plane is falling then expect bad news and difficulties. If, however, you see a plane flying this means that you will make great progress in your career. If you dream that you are a pilot, then you will soon make a new start in life.


If you are single and see fresh almonds then you will have great success in your love life. If you are married, you will enjoy peace and success at home. Dry almonds represents troubles and delays.


The anchor represents safety and security. If you dream of an anchor then you will be able to overcome all your problems, while if you throw one into the sea you will have success at work.


If you see an angel flying above your house or entering your personal space, you will hear some very positive news. If the angel puts you on his wings then you will have an unexpected profit. If you see someone you know as an angel this means that you can trust them and look to them for consolation.

Animal shoeing

If you dream that you are shoeing an animal then expect delays and problems at work.


If you dream you are feeding animals, you will enjoy success at work. If wild animals are chasing you, then you will be protected. If they bite you, then you will receive help from a friend.


To dream of ants means that, with effort and hard work, you will see improvement in your financials.


If you dream that you are worried then, aside from the anxiety that you may have in reality and have transferred to your sleep, this means that you might be about to face problems and difficulties in your career.


An apartment indicates our inner self. If you see a bright and comfortable apartment, then you will be optimistic and enjoy success and joy. If the apartment is small and dark, you will go through a distressing, pessimistic period.


An apple tree full of apples represents happiness and joy, but if it has no fruit you will receive distressing news. To hold red apples means you will have success in your love life but if they are unripe or green then expect disappointment and distress in your private life.


If you dream that you are arguing with someone then there will be a reconciliation in your life.


If you dream of an artichoke, you will go through some difficulties. If you eat an artichoke, sorrow and suffering await you. If you are offering someone an artichoke you will cause them to feel bad.


If you dream of aubergines then be careful as this means bad luck, while if you eat them you will have sufferings and sorrows.


If you dream you are at an auction, then you will have problems and arguments with relatives or friends. If you see that your own belongings are being sold at auction, you will have upsets and difficulties.


If you dream that you are walking along a wide avenue then there will be improvements in your finances that will make your life better and help you make many changes.


To dream you are holding an axe means you will have an unpleasant argument with a friend and cut off all ties with them. If someone else holds an axe in front of you, then you will have enemies who will not, however, manage to harm you.
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