Dream Meanings - Letter B

Dictionary of dreams, find the meaning of dreams that begin with the letter b. Dreams with B, such as baby, bag, beach, bed, belt, bicycle, blood, brother etc.


Letter B dream interpretation

Dreaming of the letter b could be a sign of an upcoming break up in your life. It could be a literal break up with a person, or about breaking up a pattern that no longer serves your life.


A newborn babe in a dream means you will receive good news from someone close to you. A happy baby means success in your professional life. If it poops, you will receive money. If the baby cries and wails, then you will fall ill but quickly recover.


If you dream someone is rubbing your back then you will be freed from difficulties and some problems will disappear.


If you dream you are playing backgammon then be careful as someone will try to trick you.


If you dream that you are carrying a backpack then you will have burdens, many obligations and problems at work. With much effort, however, you will achieve the things you want.

Badly dressed

If you dream that you are badly dressed then expect financial problems but if someone else is badly dressed then they will have professional or financial problems.


If you dream that you are holding a bag then your efforts will not pay off. Although you are making the right moves, the results won’t be what you had hoped for. You will go through a rough patch financially.

Baking dish

To dream of baking a dish full of food means success in your finances. If the plate is empty then expect upsets; if the plate contains meat the upsets will soon pass, but if it has fish then you will learn of something that will excite you.


If you dream that you are losing your balance and falling, be careful as you might lose something valuable through some wrong moves.


If you see your hair is thinning out then you will be freed of some problems but if you are completely bald then expect distress and problems at work.

Ballot paper

If you are holding a ballot paper and are voting then you will have unexpected profit and success a work.


If you dream that you are barefoot and walking on a road or in a meadow then you will have good news. If you are walking on a pebbly road then you will become tired and troubled until you achieve the things you wish.


To see barley means you will receive joyful news, while if you grind it you will achieve the success you desire.


If you dream of a barrel full of wine then joy and success await you at work. If, however, the barrel is empty this means you will have a disappointment.

Barrel organ

If you hear barrel organ music in your dream then you will have some short-lived troubles. If a barrel organ is being played outside your house then you will have a very significant success.


If you dream you are in a basement, expect problems and distress, but if you are emerging from a basement you will feel joy and relief.


To dream of basil, means good luck and fortune. If someone offers you basil, then you will make a very good emotional acquaintance.


To dream of an empty, clean basin is a good sign, while a basin filled with water means that you will achieve the success you want after tiring effort.


To dream of a basket full of money means you will have unexpected profit but if the basket contains fish something will disturb you. If you dream that you are weaving a basket then you will enjoy progress at work.


If you dream that you are on a beach and the sea is calm then expect happiness, but if the sea is stormy then expect sorrows.


To dream of beans reveals that you will receive a bad message. You will have arguments, mishaps and legal problems.


If you see a bear be careful as there are enemies around you whom you haven't discovered yet. If you kill a bear then you will neutralise your enemies.


If you dream of a long and unkempt beard, this means that someone will offend you. If you dream that you shaved your beard, problems will be overcome.


If you dream that you are beautiful then you will have health and happiness, but if you are ugly then expect difficulties.


If you see a beatifully made bed, your wishes will come true. If it’s messy you will have problems resulting from some bad moves you made.


Bees in your dream represent success at work but if one stings you then you will have difficulties.


A hive full of bees means profit at work and serenity at home, but if the hive is empty then you will gain nothing from the efforts you make.


To drink beer in your dream means you will have success in something that concerns you, while if you drink beer in a pub with friends then you will receive joyful news.


If you dream that you’re eating beetroot you will discover that nasty things are being said about you and will get upset.


To dream of a beggar or that you are begging signifies problems at work.


If you dream of seeing a belfry this means that there are people around you who respect and support you.


If you dream that a bell is ringing joyfully then you will have happy news. If the bell rings mournfully then you will hear unpleasant news. If the bell peals during a service then something good will happen in your life.


To wear a belt means that you will pass through a period full of pressure and problems. If you loosen a belt, then some of your problems will be resolved and you will feel relief.


Benzine in your dream means that there will be some unpleasant developments in your personal affairs that will upset you.

Best man

If you dream that you are the best man or maid of honour at a wedding then you will enjoy financial rewards from your work. If someone else is best man then you will accept help and support.


To dream of the Bible signifies good luck, happiness, protection and satisfaction. There will be joyful family developments.


If you are cycling fast on a bicycle then your wishes will come true. If you fall from a bike then take care because you will lose money. If you simply see a bicycle then a meeting you are waiting for will be postponed.


If you dream that you pay a bill then someone will ask you for financial help. If you see that you are issuing bills then expect success.


If you dream that you are spreading birdlime to catch birds then a plan you wish to implement will fail.


If you dream of birds singing, flying or in their cage then you will have some very good news.

Birth-to give birth

To dream of a birth means that very soon you will feel relief as a great burden will be lifted and a serious problem overcome. To dream of a birth means that very soon you will feel relief as a great burden will be lifted and a serious problem overcome.


If you dream that a bishop is blessing the people inside a church then you will have joy and serenity at home. If you kiss a bishop’s hand, somebody will help you.


If you dream that someone has bitten and wounded you, expect great distress. If, however, you are biting someone this means that you have true and faithful friends.

Bitter orange tree

If you see a bitter orange tree full of oranges then watch out for financial problems. If you eat a bitter orange then you will argue with friends or relatives.


To wear black means you will have problems and difficulties but to remove black clothes means you will be freed from problems.


If you see a blackbird singing take care when talking of personal matters as they might spread.


If you dream that you are covered with a blanket then expect problems and great distress.


To dream that a blind person can see again means you will have unexpected joy. If you are blinded then you will be upset by a relative. If you simply dream of a blind person then someone will entrust you with a secret.


If blood is dripping from a part of the body this is a good dream and something of concern to you will soon reach a happy end. If you have a nosebleed then you will have an unexpected profit. If you see just blood this means happiness and money. If somebody hits you and you are bleeding, then you will have difficulties.


If you dream that you are buying a boat then things will go well at work, while if someone gives you a boat then you will have help from someone in matters that concern you.


If you dream that you are holding or reading a book, you will have joy and happiness in whatever concerns you. If you are tearing a book, however, then you will waste an opportunity. If you see yourself selling books then you will have some financial difficulties.


If you see yourself on a boulder you will have success. If you see a boulder from afar there will be difficulties with your personal ambitions.


If you dream that you are sent or that you buy a box filled with food then you will receive joyful news. But, if you are locked in a box then you will have great difficulties.


If you see boxes full of things then you will learn some very interesting news. If they are closed and you don’t know what’s inside then beware of those with whom you keep company as they are not being honest with you.


If in your sleep you see that you are being given a bracelet then something very good will happen to you. If, however, you are wearing a bracelet, particularly a gold one, then you will have troubles.


To dream of bran means you will have some financial problems which, if handled properly, will be overcome. If you feed bran to animals then something a friend says will upset you.


If you dream that branches are blocking your path then there will be obstacles in your life. If you pass over the branches then you will manage, with many attempts, to overcome some obstacles.


If you are kneading or eating bread then you will have happiness and success at work and, if you are patient, all your wishes will come true.


To dream that you are a bride is not always a bad omen. If you see a sad bride, this means that an unpleasant event will worry you over the next period. If a woman dreams that she is a bride then there will be an improvement in her finances or she will feel happy. Moreover, if you dream that you kissed the bride this means you will reconcile with an angeredfriend.


If you dream that you are walking on a bridge, you will have success. If you are building a bridge this means that, after some effort, you will be vindicated. If you see a bridge being knocked down, take care at work because a wrong move could be damaging.


If you dream that a bridle has been put on you then you will go through a rough patch full on anxiety and pressure. If you bridle a horse, then you will overcome your problems.


To dream that you are sweeping means that you will put some things that concern you in order, but if you simply see a broom then things will come to a standstill at work.

Brother, sister

If you dream of your siblings then great joy awaits you. If you argue with your siblings then expect family problems that will make you feel bitter. If you are an only child but dream you have siblings then you will receive some unexpected help from someone.


If in your dream you are holding a brush you will have financial difficulties, but if you are brushing your hair you will be relieved of burdens.


If you are riding on the back of a bull then you will have happiness and advancement socially, but if you simply see a bull you will enjoy good health and be lucky financially.


To dream of a burial means that you will hear very bad news.


If you dream that you are putting butter onto your food you will have good news. If, however, you eat butter on its own, there will be disagreements at home.


If you dream of a butterfly then you will enjoy happy times. If the butterfly sits on you then, at the present moment, there is a person who is distant from you but who thinks of you a lot.


If you see buttermilk in your dream then you will have some minor problems with a friend or relative that will sadden you.
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