Dream Meanings - Letter C

Dictionary of dreams, find the meaning of dreams that begin with the letter C. Dreams with C, such as candle, car, cat, cemetery, cheese, child, church etc.


Letter C dream interpretation

To dream of the letter C means it is time for you to act upon something concerning a relationship. You should stop focusing on yourself and take a good look around you, to notice things that have escaped your attention.


If you see yourself inside a cafe then you will have an argument with someone.


If you dream that are feeding birds in a cage then expect joyful developments. If the cage is empty, watch out for your finances as you will have difficulties.


To eat a cake signifies problems in your love life. If you bake a cake then you will have problems in your professional life. If you offer someone cake then you will do something very good for a person close to you. If you are simply being offered or see cakes without touching them, then you have people by your side who appreciate and can help you. Chocolate in a dream is a forewarning of illness. Sugar represents great distress.


To dream of a lit candle means that your life will get better, but if the candle is extinguished then there will be problems and arguments at home.


If you light a candle and put it in a candleholder then you will be freed from some problems.


If you see lit candles inside your house then something good will happen to you, but if they have a flickering flame then you will be upset.


To eat or hold candy means you will have difficulties.


If you hear cannon fire then you will receive help from a friend. If you are firing cannonballs then you will enjoy professional success. If, however, you dream that cannons are firing at you then you will experience some problems.


If you dream you are a cantor or see that someone else is then you will hear gossip or spread it yourself.


To see a car means that there will be changes to your plans. If you are inside a car, this means that some situations will turn out differently from how you had planned. If you see yourself running to catch up with a car but you don’t make it, then there will be setbacks in matters that you had planned differently. If you dream you are getting out of a car then all your wishes will come true. If you dream that you are running at great speed then you are contemplating making some changes to your life for your own good. If you see that you avoided a car crash this means that you will escape a rival.


If you dream of a wild animal carcass then you will be freed of some difficulties, if the carcass belongs to a domesticated animal then watch out as you will lose some money.


If in your dream you are offered a red carnation, then you will soon receive joyful news. If the carnation is not fresh, then some distressing emotional obstacles will arise.


To dream you are eating carrots means a healthy, successful life. If you simply see carrots then you will have success at work after making an effort.


If you see an empty casserole then you will have financial problems but if it’s full of food then something pleasant will happen to you.


The castle signifies our inner, psychological condition. If you dream that you are in the basement of a castle and are trying to get out this means that you are going through an anxious phase and need to clear your thoughts. If you are at the top of a castle this means that your thinking is clear and your dreams will come true.


To see a cat in your dream is a bad omen and forewarns of bad luck. If you are attacked by a cat, this means you have enemies but if you remove the cat then your finances will improve. If a cat scratches you then a rival will demean you morally. If you dream of a cat meowing then someone you consider a friend will harm you. A white cat represents troubles, expenses and problems.


An empty cauldron means your efforts will be wasted but if the cauldron is full then you will have joy and success.


To dream of a bright, clean cave means you will have joy and happiness in life, but if it’s dark you will have difficulties. Watch out if the cave has snakes as this mean you have enemies.


If you dream that you are at a celebration, you will learn of some slanderous words said against you.


If you dream that you are in a cemetery then everything in your life will go well and you will have good health and joy. If you see someone you know visiting a cemetery, then this person will have difficulties.


If you dream you are at a lovely ceremony then you will be joyful and have success. A sad ceremony, funeral or memorial service signifies delays and problems at work.


If you dream that you are sitting in a chair, you will have success at work and improvements in your living conditions. If the chair is old and broken, there will be a setback with something you wish to do.


If you dream that you are a chambermaid then you will have bad luck and your efforts will go to waste. If you dream that you are giving orders to or arguing with a chambermaid you will have worries. If, however, you have a nice chat with a cleaner, you will be happy.


If you dream that you are collecting chamomile then you will manage to overcome some problems that concern you and feel relief.


If you dream of a chandelier inside a church, you will have success at work. If you are lighting a chandelier then you will very soon experience great joy and success.


To dream of Charon is a bad sign and you will be upset over a beloved relative.


To dream you are eating cheese signifies disappointment and problems at work.


To eat cherries out of season signifies that people close to you will disappoint you. If you eat sour and unripe cherries then something you wish for will happen.


If you dream that you are eating cooked chestnuts then you will have a distressing argument with a friend, but if you eat roasted chestnuts be careful to avoid getting involved in an unpleasant situation.


To see chickpeas in a dream means that very soon there will be arguments at home over the family finances.


If you dream that you are holding a small child then you will have troubles, but if you see many happy children then you will have much joy. Children dressed in lovely clothes signify that you will be freed of family burdens that have concerned you recently and will feel happy. If you dream that you kiss children then good things will happen to you while to hit a child means that you must be more careful.


If you dream of happy moments with children then expect something very good to happen to you. If you see children arguing, then you will quarrel with someone.


If you see Christ in your dream then, in the coming days, all the problems that currently make you feel bitter will be resolved. You will have luck and protection.


If you dream that you are christening a baby, then you will have joy and happiness at home. If you attend a christening then you will make some very good acquaintances and success.


If you see yourself building a church, you will be very lucky in this period. If you are entering a church to light a candle or to worship, then you will do many pleasurable things in the coming period and may even come into an inheritance. If you dream that you are stealing from or sleeping in a church, then you will be punished for something you have done. If you are a man and enter the church as a bride or groom then this means a separation from something you love or that you will soon break up if you are in a relationship.


To hear cicadas in your dream means you have enemies who may harm you, but if you only see cicadas then you will be upset by the behaviour of someone close to you.


If in your dream you fall into a cistern, then someone will slander you. If the water is clean, then a slander made against you will fail.


  If you dream that you are eating a citron then you will have worries and problems with your partner or a loved one.


To dream that you are a cleaner means that you will have mishaps and your efforts will go to waste. If you are giving orders to or arguing with a cleaner you will have worries. If, however, you have a nice chat with a cleaner, you will be happy.


  If you dream that you are cleaning your house, then there will be changes in your life and you will put many things in order. If you are cleaning greens, then expect some financial problems.

Cliff edge

If you dream you are on a cliff edge then take care in the coming days as an obstacle will arise in your personal affairs to threaten your stability and happiness. If you jump from a cliff and nothing happens to you then you will overcome the problems in your life and taste happiness. If you are at the foot of a cliff, this means you need help and support to resolve your problems.


If you dream that you are climbing a wall then you will have obstacles that will take much effort to overcome. If you are climbing a tree, this means success at work.


If you dream of white clouds then you will have joy and peace in your life, but if they are grey you will have troubles.


If you see a cloudy window, mirror or water in your dream then expect troubles and sudden upsets.


To see a coach (either moving or parked) means that you will have the developments you hoped for at work. If you are getting into a coach to go on a journey then one of your plans will soon be successful. If there are many people on the coach then you will tire yourself out to achieve what you’ve set your mind to, but if the journey is comfortable and relaxing then everything will go smoothly, just as you hoped for.


Burning coal means success in your love life. If the coal is extinguished then expect obstacles and delays at work or in love.


If you dream that you are wearing a new coat then you will enjoy success and progress at work. If the coat is old and dirty then you will face difficulties and financial problems


To dream of a cockroach forewarns of problems. Cockroaches symbolise disputes and enmities. Be careful at work. If, however, you dream that you are killing cockroaches, then everything will get better.


If you see fresh cod then you will suffer nostalgia and heartache, but if it’s salted then watch out for problems with your finances.


To dream of coffee, whether you are making it or someone offers you coffee, means that you will have difficulties that will soon pass.


To dream of a coffin means distress and anxiety, which you will easily overcome. If you see yourself inside a coffin then you will have a long life and good health.


If you see either gold or silver coins, expect troubles and rows at home.


If you see a colleague in your sleep then very soon you will set yourself a new professional goal and will go through much stress to achieve it. It’s very possible that you will feel competitive and anxious for your career future.


The colour white signifies inner peace, black means bitterness and suffering, green represents hope and optimism for the future and red signifies a very quick development and success in your love life. Yellow reveals that people are jealous of you, while blue signifies peace and serenity.


If you dream of a building with many columns then you will meet some important people who will help you with your work. If you see ancient columns then you will have success in your life, while if you are making columns then you will have profit at work.


If you comb your hair then you will put your affairs in order and will have a small success in your finances.

Communion (holy)

If you see yourself receiving holy communion then expect days of great happiness.


If you dream that you are confessing, you will overcome some problems and feel relief.


If you dream that you are appearing in court, then you will have great distress. If a court declares you innocent then you will be relieved of problems. If you dream you are a judge, you will go through a period of bad luck.


If you dream that there is a cow in your house, you will receive a payment for your efforts. If you’re milking a cow, you will have success and money. If a cow has entered your house, you will receive income from a job of your own. If you slaughter a cow, be careful of what you do as you may make a mistake that loses you money. If a cow chases you then be careful to avoid having a small accident.


If you dream of many fat cows then you will have economic gain, but if they are skinny then keep an eye on your finances. If you slaughter a cow you will overcome some difficulties.


To dream of a crab means that you will have to face up to your enemies, and will feel pressurised and upset.


To see crickets means joy and success.


If you simply see a cross then you will go through a difficult patch, while if you wear a gold cross you will have much distress. If you dream that you are praying and making the sign of the cross then you will resolve some of your problems and feel relief.


To hold a crowbar in your hands means that, through your own efforts, you will achieve a success.


To dream of crumpets means you will hear that nasty things are being said about you, while to eat muffins means you will become bitter as someone you didn’t expect has been criticising you.


If you dream that you are sad and crying then joyful, happy days await you. By contrast, if you dream that you are crying from joy then something will upset you.


If you dream that you are eating a cucumber then you will have urgent issues. If you offer someone a cucumber to eat, you will have disagreements.


  If you dream that you are cultivating a field then you will go through a period of tiredness and exhaustion.

Customs house

If you dream you are at a customs office then take care of your finances as you will find yourself in a difficult position and won’t know how to get out of it.
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