Dream Meanings - Letter D

Dictionary of dreams, find the meaning of dreams that begin with the letter D. Dreams with D, such as dead, dept, divorce, doctor, dog, driving, drunk etc.


Letter D dream interpretation

D is not a letter you would like to see in your dream, as it signifies endings. Take care of yourself, make sure you listen carefully and don’t neglect the small things that might warn you of a dead end ahead.


If you dream that you are plucking daisies then you will have success in love, but if you are cutting daisies then you will have some emotional distress.


If you dream that you are dancing alone or with friends, expect success at work and joy at home. To see children dancing means a very happy event awaits you. If you see someone dancing then they will announce something that will please you. If, however, you see an old person dancing then they will go through difficulties.


If you dream you are in the dark you will be a little upset. If you are effortlessly walking in the dark then you will overcome any problem but if you are walking with difficulty then you will have upsets and and will have to get by without anyone’s help.


If you dream of daybreak and the sky is clear, then your wishes will come true, but if, however, the sky is dark and cloudy then you will have problems.


If you see a dead person then this is a bad omen. If you see your parents dead although in reality they are alive, then you will escape from the setbacks that have trapped you recently and there will by happy developments for you and your family. There is also a great possibility that you will receive an inheritance or some unexpected income. If you are single and dream of a dead young person then you will meet a new lover. If you embrace a dead person then you will have good health and soon escape your problems. If you see yourself talking with a dead person, then expect unpleasant situations that you will, however, easily overcome. If someone who in real life is alive is dead in your dream, then expect some troubles that will easily be overcome. If you see yourself embracing a dead person, you will hear joyful news. Also, if you see a dead person coming back to life, then watch out for the hold some have over you as they will influence you psychologically


If you dream that you are dying then expect some pleasant developments in your life. If, however, someone close to you dies though alive in reality, whether a relative, friend or acquaintance, this means you will meet with them. Death in a dream represents wealth and progress in your life as well as longevity. If a young person dreams of death this means they are ready for a change in life, perhaps a romantic relationship.


If you dream that you are in debt then you will very soon have a financial gain. If you dream that you are owed money, be careful as you will lose some.


If you dream you are being deceived then you will have good luck, but if you deceive someone you will have success in anything you do. If, however, you are a woman and you see your partner cheat on you, then expect arguments and problems in your relationship.


If you dream that you are capturing a deer then you will happy family moments. If you are a single woman and see a deer then you will have a good and stable marriage.


If you dream that you are at a demonstration, then take care in the coming days as you will embitter your loved ones through your words and actions.


If you see yourself wearing dentures then take care because you will lose something.


If you dream you are in a desert, this means not only that you are you going through a lonely patch but that you will be upset by developments in a personal matter.


If you dream that you are sitting at your desk this means that you will achieve some of the goals in life that you have set. If your desk is clean and tidy then it’s guaranteed that you will achieve all your professional aspirations, but if it’s dirty and messy you will have some problems with loved ones.


If you are eating a dessert then you will have problems in your love life. To make or cook a dessert means you will have problems in your professional life. If you offer someone a dessert then you will do something very good for a person close to you. If you are simply being offered or see a dessert without touching it, this means there are people who appreciate you and will help you by your side. Chocolate in a dream is a warning of illness.


If you see the devil then expect bad news that will get you down. If the devil talks to you and you believe what he’s saying, then be careful as you will be betrayed by someone you trust.


To see diamonds in your sleep, means you will be distressed. If, however, your diamonds are being stolen, your problems will be overcome.


If you dream that you are writing in a diary, expect to have many tiring responsibilities.


If you are singing a dirge or hear others singing one then you will receive very joyful news.


If you are in a dirty environment or are dirty yourself then expect plenty of financial gain. If you are treading on dirt be careful with your movements as you could make a mistake and cause damage that will be disruptive.


If you dream that you have disappeared this means that, with the right moves, you will achieve what you want.


If you are single and dream that you are separating then you will have a good marriage. If you are married, this means problems and delays for you.


If you see a doctor coming to your house when you are not actually ill then expect troubles. If, however, you see that you are a doctor then you will have an unexpected joy because some money will unexpectedly come into your life.


To dream of a dog means love and friendship, especially if the dog is yours or a stray that obediently follows you or is happy. A white, friendly dog signifies great joy and happiness in love. If you hear a dog barking, then listen to the advice of people who want what’s best for you, but a dog acting wildly is a forewarning of fierce arguments. If it bites you then you will argue with your partner or with the person you are interested in, and a black dog especially shows that you will have great problems. A sickly or ill dog is a forewarning of illness or troubles while a howling dog forewarns of danger and you must watch out for accidents. To kill a dog is a sign of disaster while if the dog is dead then expect destruction and distress.


If you dream of a dolphin playing in the sea, you will, have joy and success. If the dolphin is on dry land then expect to yearn for something.


If you dream of a donkey biting or kicking you then you will hear nasty things said about those close to you. If you hear a donkey braying, you will hear unpleasant news. If you simply see a donkey from afar, you will have joy at work.


If you see a closed door then you will have some distress which will, however, soon pass. If you see the door to your house is open then expect joy in your personal life. If you see a large old door, such as the door to a castle or old mansion, then you will have good news.


If you dream of a white dove then you will receive joyful news. If the dove is black then you will be exhausted by the efforts you make to achieve the thing you want. If you see doves flying then expect good news and success in things that concern you.


If you dream that you or someone else is being dragged along the ground then you will have a patch of bad luck and so should try to be patient.


To see an alcoholic drink in your sleep means that in the next few days you will quarrel with loved ones.


If you dream that you are driving then in the coming days you will be obliged to take responsibility for your actions. It is very possible that you will have to face up to an issue that you had so far neglected. Driving can also represent a sudden journey.


If you see someone drowning in your dream, this can be both a good or bad sign depending on the outcome. If you see yourself drowning then expect troubles and problems ahead. If, however, you are saved this means that you are going through an anxious period but that things will get better. If someone helps save you, then you will advance socially and may even receive some money. If you save someone from drowning then you will help someone who needs you. If you see a loved one drowning you should know that they are having trouble and you may become upset for them. If you dream you are being drowned by a loved one, this person will upset you. If you see yourself drowning you will go through an anxious period.


If you see a drum be careful as people are talking behind your back.


Interpretations conflict. If you dream that you are drunk this means you have several problems and complaints, although for others it represents joy and profit.


If you dream your house is full of dust then expect family tension and rows. If dust enters your eyes, you will receive upsetting news. If you see a dust cloud in front of you expect problems at work.


To dream that you are dying is a good sign, meaning you will have health and happiness in your life.
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