Dream Meanings - Letter E

Dictionary of dreams, find the meaning of dreams that begin with the letter E. Dreams with E, such as eggs, elevator, enemies, ex, exit, excursion, eyes etc.


Letter E dream interpretation

If you dreamt about the letter E, you might be feeling the victim of deception or betrayal. E is also connected to a greedy person around you who doesn’t seem satisfied with anything.


If you dream of an eagle flying over your house, expect great family joy. If you are on an eagle and it flies high then you will have great success. If you are fighting with an eagle, watch out in everything you do.


To wear gold earrings means there will be arguments or you will receive upsetting news. Silver or diamond earrings mean some upsetting problems will come your way, but to remove earrings means you will be freed from concerns that have burdened you.


If you dream there is an earthquake then you will have sudden difficulties. If your house is destroyed by the earthquake then be careful as some people are jealous of you and will want to harm you at the first opportunity.


To dream that it’s Easter signifies joy and success at work.


For someone to dream of eggs means that love and happiness will dominate his or her life. If you see a hen laying an egg, this means that your relationship with your partner will reach a high and things will be better than ever. If you see a reptile egg be careful as this is not a good sign and you will have much distress. If you dream you are eating eggs then your health will be in better condition than ever. White, red and broken eggs are the best as regards your financial affairs and mean that you will have opportunities for a better position at work.


If you dream that you are an electrician, expect joy and success in life.


An elephant in your dream means that you will have profit. If an elephant grabs you by its trunk then you will have support from a powerful person.


If you are going up in an elevator then expect success but if you are going down then you will have difficulties.


If you dream that someone you know embraces you then you will soon go on a journey. If you embrace a stranger then be careful who you mix with as some friends might not be so honest and you may be betrayed. If your parents embrace you this means they support you and you will be successful in everything you do. If a person who is no longer alive embraces you, expect bad news.


If you dream of people who have animosity towards you, be careful as you will experience troubles. If you are chasing your enemies then you will manage to get out of a difficult situation.


An envelope containing a letter signifies joyful news, while an empty envelope means you will have some problems.


To dream of an ex-partner means that you still have feelings for this person and your relationship. This dream often means that you will hear news about this person or you will communicate with them.


If you go on an excursion with a group, then you will have some unexpected joy. If you go on an excursion to a mountain and have food with you, then you will have some distress.


If you dream that you are exiled, be careful because facile behaviour and words will embarrass you.


If you dream that you are closed in somewhere without an exit, you will have joy and find the solution to some problems that concern you.


If you dream that you have beautiful, bright eyes then you will enjoy success at work, but if your eyes are red and filled with tears then you will have difficulties and miss out on things.
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