Dream Meanings - Letter F

Dictionary of dreams, find the meaning of dreams that begin with the letter F. Dreams with F, such as falling, father, fear, fight, fire, fishing, food etc.


Letter F dream interpretation

The letter F in a dream is a very positive sign. It is the light inside of you that wants to glow and the opportunities that will come your way soon.


To see faeces in your dream means that you will have great profit and wealth. If the faeces is on your plate this means happiness in marriage or in love. To eat faeces means that you must watch out for what you do as you will make a mess of things. If your clothes are dirty with faeces then you will have difficulties at home.


If you dream that you have had a failure at work, your love life or, more generally, in an issue that concerns you, then there will soon be a very pleasant development in a matter that you had written off. This dream signifies that you have tired yourself out or that you have gone through a discouraging unlucky patch. Suddenly, however, everything will change and you will find your good old self once more.


If you dream of fairies then watch how you behave because a silly mistake will embarass you.


The falcon represents enemies, so if you dream of one or many falcons this means that there are enemies in your life. If you catch or kill a falcon, you will be relieved of problems, but if a falcon attacks you, you will have an argument with someone who has negative thoughts about you.


If you dream that you are falling and can’t get up then you will have problems at work and may lose someone’s support. If you fall and get up without assistance then, after some difficulties, you will manage to achieve your goals using your own strengths.


If you dream that you are fasting during Lent then you will have happiness and peace of mind, but if you are forced to starve then expect difficulties.


To dream of your father means you are reaching a critical phase of your life, when you will need help, advice and guidance from a person older and more experienced than you. If your father is no longer living, then take care with your finances while, in your love life, there is a possibility you will be deceived.


If you dream that you are frightened then take care and don’t trust those around you easily. If you are frightened and in a dark place, this means that you will encounter dilemmas, so don’t rush any decisions.


If you dream that you are holding fennel, then you will receive the help of someone from whom you did not expect it.


If you dream that you are spreading fertiliser in a field then expect professional success and significant profits.


If you dream you are at a fete then you or a relative will be saddened.

Fig tree

If you dream of a fig when they’re in season then you will have joy, but if it’s winter and you see a fig then you will be unhappy. If you see a fig tree without figs then you will receive bad news, but a full tree means that you will exhaust yourself to get what you want. Dry figs signify arguments at home, but if you eat a fresh green fig then the efforts you make at work won’t bear fruit.


If you dream that you are in a fight with someone then in the coming days you will wish to impress a person with your words but won’t be able to. If someone you know is fighting with you then this person will try to trick you with their words.


If you dream that your finger hurts then someone close to you will make you feel sad. If your finger is wounded, you will argue over financial matters.


If your fingernails are clean and cared for you will have financial gains, but if they are dirty and uncared for then keep an eye on your finances. If you clip your nails then you will be freed of some problems.

Fir tree

Dreaming of a fir tree means that you will have happiness and good health.


If your house is burning then you must control your emotions so you aren’t hurt if cheated on. If the fireplace in your house is lit this signifies domestic bliss. To warm yourself by the fire signifies good health, but if the fire spreads and burns down the property then you will have economic setbacks that will not please you. To dream that your shop is burning means that you will gain much profit, but if you see that you have lit a light then you will have pleasant surprises and meetings with loved ones.


To dream of a firearm means you will hear very important news. If you hear a firearm being fired then you will be reconciled with someone you have fallen out with.


If you hear a firecracker in your dream then expect upsetting news, while if you hear many firecrackers going off then expect arguments at home.


A lit fireplace with flames means you will have joy at home and money. If the fireplace is extinguished and filled with ashes then expect obstacles and distress, while if the fireplace is demolished you will experience financial misfortunes.


If you dream that you are fishing then you will have some problems that will upset you. If you catch a large fish you will have joy but if the fish are many and small then you will be disturbed and distressed.


If you simply see a flag you will go on a journey, while if there is a flag on your house you will be joyful. A flag on a public building means you will have news regarding something that concerns you.


If you dream that fleas are biting you then you will have financial problems. If you see that you are killing fleas then you will distance yourself from people who do not have positive intentions towards you.


If you dream of flies then you will have many problems and worries. If you swat them away or kill them then you will be freed from the tiring demands of friends.


If you dream that you are swept away by a flood or that your house is flooded, be careful with your finances as you will have problems.


If you dream that you’re holding gold florins then expect financial problems that you will not know how to resolve.


If you dream of flour then you will have joy and money but spilt flour means you will lose a good opportunity.


If you dream that you’re watering a flowerpot, then you will have success and profit at work. If the pot is empty or has dried flowers, you will fail in one of your plans.


If you dream you are playing the flute, expect distress from a relative whereas if someone else plays the flute as you listen then you will be relieved of problems.


If you dream that it’s foggy outside and you can’t see clearly then you will go through a period of stagnation in various areas of your life.


To dream of a font means that you will be relieved of some problems and everything in your life will go well.


If you dream that you are eating then expect distress and suffering. To prepare food means problems at work and arguments with colleagues. If you are a woman and you dream you burnt food while cooking then you will have disagreements with your husband.


If you dream that you are walking along a footpath then expect difficult days full of problems and concerns.


To dream of a foreigner means that in the coming days you will be invited to a happy event and will have a good time.


If you dream you are in a forest full of trees then things will be calm in your life and your wishes will come true. If you are lost in a forest and are wandering around then the efforts you make to achieve the things you want will tire you.


If you dream that you're inside a fortress then you will have good luck and protection from someone, while if you build a fortress you will enjoy success and recognition for the work you have done and your life will unfold just as you dream it will.

Fortune teller

If you see a female fortune teller then beware of people in your company because they will drag you into things that will cause you problems.


If you dream of the foundations of the house you want to build then a wish of yours will come true. If you are laying the foundations on a plot of land that is not yours, then be careful as your bad choices will lead to problems.


To dream of a fountain means, just when you didn’t expect it, you will fall in love head over heels and will be unable to resist. Be careful if you are already in a relationship or marriage, because you will certainly make a mess of things then.

Fountain pen

If you write with a fountain pen then you will learn of news which will bring you great joy.


If you dream that you catch a fox then you will be relieved of some problems. If a fox enters your house be careful because someone wants to trick you. If you simply dream of a fox, then a person you think is friendly towards you will slander you but without success.


If you see a beautiful picture frame then you will have joyful news. If the frame has an ugly portrait in it, you will argue with someone close to you.


If you dream that a priest offers you frankincense then you will be relieved of problems. If you smell burning frankincense then you will have difficulties.


To dream of your friends means you will receive good news. If you dream you are making new friends then be careful of your interactions and don’t give your trust immediately.


If you see a frog or frogs then some lies you told in the past will be revealed and you will have problems. Some of your friendships will be shaken.


To dream of a frying pan means bitterness. If the pan is dirty then you will suffer much for something you are also greatly responsible for due to your behaviour.


If a funeral cortege passes outside your house then you will receive distressing news. If you see the funeral of a relative or friend then you will receive joyful news and have good health.


If you dream that you are wearing fur, expect upsets, difficulties and financial problems. If you see that you are taking off fur then you will be relieved of some problems you have had for a while now.


To see new furniture in your house means you will have joy and success in whatever you do. If you sell your furniture, be careful with your finances as careless spending will create further expenses.
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