Dream Meanings - Letter G

Dictionary of dreams, find the meaning of dreams that begin with the letter G. Dreams with G, such as garden, gold, ghost, gift, gloves, god, gold, gym etc.


Letter G dream interpretation

A dream of the letter G shows the constraints you might be feeling in your real life and your need to break free. But G is a sign that you shouldn’t be too impatient at this time.


If you dream that you are in a blossoming garden then you will have success. If you see that you are tending to the garden then you will win money. If, however, the garden is untended then watch out for failure at work.


If you dream that you are a gardener then you will have success at work, but if you see a gardener working in a garden then expect to profit.


To dream you are making garlic dip very quickly means you will have an upsetting family problem that will be difficult to overcome. If you simply see garlic dip then you will be a little upset but this will soon pass.


If you find yourself at a gathering of relatives and friends then you will hear great news, but if there are also some strangers present then people are gossiping about you.


If you dream of a gendarme then you will have protection in your life. If a gendarme arrests you then you will have passing problems, while if you are a gendarme then someone will try to draw you into an unpleasant situation.


If you dream of a ghost then you must be careful in two areas: your finances and your relationships. It’s very possible that you will be tricked with a purchase you make – paying more than is necessary – and will have a lot of trouble paying it back. In your love life you may find yourself unable to decide and emotionally confused.


If you are single and are given a gift then you will meet someone nice. If you give somebody a gift, be careful as you will suffer either material or moral damage.


If you dream of old gloves with holes you will have troubles. If the gloves are new then someone will bring you joy.


To dream of a goatherd means joy and success and you will receive some unexpected money.


To dream you are milking goats is a positive sign, but if you just see goats then you will have difficulties.


God rarely appears in dreams but, if he does, then you will be protected throughout your life and everything will develop at the pace you desire.


To dream you are baptising a child is a good sign. Expect health, joy and pleasant days.


If you dream of gold jewellery then you will go through some difficulties. If you find jewellery in the street, you will have an unexpected profit.


If you dream of a goose crying then you will receive some very joyful news. If you slaughter a goose you will have a small financial improvement.

Grape harvest

To dream of a grape harvest is very good and you will have material and emotional success.


If you dream of ripe grapes then you will enjoy progress at work and happiness and serenity at home. To eat rotten and vinegary grapes means you will argue with a superior at work. If you tread grapes to produce wine must then you will argue with some people but your anger will soon pass.


To dream that you are falling into a grave means great distress, but if you are put into a grave and then resurrected then health and happiness await you.


To dream of gravel signifies difficulties. Whether you walk on gravel or simply see it, there will be an unpleasant development that you did not expect.


If you dream that you are a greengrocer but this is not your real job then expect success in your love life.


If you dream that you are eating greens then some financial problems will arise that will worry you; don’t give up, however, as they will very soon be overcome.


If you dream that you are grieving, you will be relieved of problems and distress.


A lit grill means you will enjoy profits but if it’s turned off then watch how you manage your finances.


If you dream that you make a guarantee to somebody, then you will offer your help. If someone makes a guarantee to you, then you will have support and help from an important person.


To see a guitar in your dream, whether you hear its sounds or you play it, means that you will have success in your love life.


If you dream that you are exercising at the gym then you will very soon discover the true intentions of some people who are acting behind your back. If you are at the gym and watching others exercise then you will receive some sudden support that will help you put your life in order.


If you dream of gypsies then you must be careful in your financial affairs as you could be tricked and may even lose some money.
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