Dream Meanings - Letter H

Dictionary of dreams, find the meaning of dreams that begin with the letter H. Dreams with H, such as hairs, hat, hole, holidays, horse, hotel, house, hut etc.


Letter H dream interpretation

This dream has very positive connotations, as the letter H signifies honesty and a clean path ahead of you.


To dream of beautiful, well-tended hair means that happiness and a new love will come knocking at your door. Blonde hair means profits and a greater interest in your work. If you dream of thinning or short hair, this means worries await you but you will overcome them in time. Grey or white hair means that you must be a little more careful as you may have an illness but not one that is so serious as to make you worry.


If you dream you are having your hair done at the hairdresser's then you will be freed of some problems.


If your hairs are growing longer then expect distress.


If you dream that you are inside a dark hall then you will be disappointed and will fail in some of your personal affairs. If you enter a hall then you will make a good acquaintance but if you are exiting a hall then you will lose the support of a friend.


If you are hit with a hammer then you will hear important news, but if you hit someone with a hammer then expect difficulties and mishaps that are solely your own fault.


If you are in handcuffs then success awaits you, while if you put handcuffs on someone else then you will avoid a person who wishes to harm you.


If you are a woman and dream that you are embroidering a handicraft then you will have joy and progress but if you are a man then you will have distressing news.


To chase a hare means that you are doing too many things that are not of benefit to you. If you simply see a hare running then you will enjoy sudden progress at work.


If you dream that it’s harvest time and you are harvesting, you will have joy and prosperity. If you are harvesting out of season, then you will receive news that will sadden you.


If you dream that you are wearing a lovely new hat then expect joy. If the hat is old and dirty then you will have bad luck and problems.


If you gather hay, then expect financial improvements. If you cut hay or see others cutting it, be careful as you will lose some money.


If someone has died and you see their hearse in your dream, this means that you will have joy, good health and serenity at home. If, however, a hearse passes outside your house, then you will receive upsetting news.


To dream of a hen or chicken is a good omen. Chickens that graze or cluck signify happiness and good relationships and friendships. White chickens in particular symbolise success. A plucked chicken, however, represents distress. To dream of a chicken is a sign of professional success. Only the dead or black hen should make you cautious. Chicken eggs symbolise success at work and financial plenitude. If you dream that you are eating a cooked chicken or hen then a desire or goal you have set will be crowned with success. The above is also true if you dream of young chickens (chicks).


You will face difficulties that you will, however, easily resolve. A herd may symbolise possible distress, which will be easily overcome.


If you dream that you are making bets at a horse race then keep an eye on your finances as you may lose some money.


If you are opening a hole then your plans will fail. If you fall into a hole as you are walking then you will have difficulties, which will quickly pass.


If you dream that you are on holiday from work then some wonderful and pleasant things will happen very suddenly. A charming phase of your life is beginning, and you will finally feel that fate is on your side.

Holy bread

If a priest gives you holy bread you will have success at work. If you eat it, you will overcome a problem that has been bothering you and achieve your goals.

Holy water

If you dream that the holy water rite is taking place in your house you will be relieved of a problem. If you offer holy water or sprinkle it on someone else, this means you have wronged someone. If someone sprinkles holy water on you, you will hear joyful news.


If you gather honey then you will hear something joyful while to eat honey means success in something that concerns you.


If you see a hook in your sleep, be careful as somebody may try to trick you.


If you see yourself riding a horse, then you will experience happiness in your personal and professional life. If the horse is dirty then take care because your trust in others will be betrayed. If the horse is black then luck is on your side. Also, if you dream that you are riding across a river then you will have good luck while if you see yourself with many horses then great profits await you.


If you dream that you are riding a horse, then your wishes will come true. If, however, you are dismounting a horse then you will have problems and distress.


If you dream that you find a horseshoe as you are walking, then you will have much luck and progress.


If you dream that you are renting a hotel room then you will have success at work after much toil and effort. If you simply see a hotel then certain developments will upset you.


To dream of a beautiful house in good condition means there will be positive developments for you and your family. A small and closed house means you will be upset by the departure of some friends while a ruined house means you will suffer a loss. If you dream you are returning to your old house, health issues will upset you but you will soon learn good news. If you dream you are building your own house, this means that you must make changes in your daily routine which will make you happier.


If you are rich and dream that you are a housekeeper then take care as you will lose money. If, however, you are poor and dream you are a housekeeper then expect success and an improvement in your finances.


If you dream that you are a hunter and kill many birds then you will enjoy progress and profits at work. If, however, you catch nothing then you will have failure and worries in your job.


To dream of a hut means you will have financial problems.
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