Dream Meanings - Letter I

Dictionary of dreams, find the meaning of dreams that begin with the letter I. Dreams with I, such as ice, island, illness, incest, injection, ink, itch etc.


Letter I dream interpretation

The letter I in a dream means that you are too preoccupied by thoughts around yourself and have neglected someone close to you. You need to start paying more attention to avoid quarrels.


If you dream of ice and either buy or sell it, then you will have great economic success at work.


To dream of an icon of the Virgin Mary or of a saint is a good sign. Everything will unfold in your life exactly as you wish and you will be protected. If you are an unmarried woman and you see the icon of a saint, then you will have a good marriage. If you are already married, there will be happiness and serenity in your house.


If you dream that you are ill then expect difficulties in your finances. If you help someone who’s ill then something good will happen to you.


To dream that you are immigrating means that you will make new career plans that will bring you success and financial gains.

Incense burning

If you see a priest burning incense in your house then there will be a happy and fortunate development in your family life. If the priest offers you incense, be careful because nasty things will be said about you.


To make love with a relative means you will have major problems in your personal and professional life.


If you dream that you are giving someone an injection or being given one then you will learn that people have been talking about you behind your back and will become bitter.


If you see ink being spilt then be careful as mistakes could create problems, but if you simply see ink then you will be reconciled with someone with whom you have argued.


To see intestines in a dream means that you will have a row with someone and get upset. If you are cleaning sheep intestines, then something in your relationship will be clarified.


If you dream that you are drinking iodine, an argument with someone close to you will make you feel bitter. If you are holding a bottle of iodine and you throw or spill it, then you will be relieved of worries and problems.


If you dream you are holidaying on an island then expect joy but if you see yourself trapped on an island you will have difficulties for a period.


To dream you have itchy hands means you will very soon receive money, while if you are a woman and have an itch on your body then expect great joy.


  If you see ivy on the walls of your house then you will have someone’s protection and support, but if the ivy is withered then you will have problems and distress.
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