Dream Meanings - Letter J

Dictionary of dreams, find the meaning of dreams that begin with the letter J. Dreams with J, such as jacket, journey, jewelery, jug, jumping etc.


Letter J dream interpretation

To dream of the letter J is a positive sign for a relationship that has been on your mind a lot. Don’t be a perfectionist and enjoy things they way they are.


To dream of a jacket is a bad sign. If the jacket is black then you will have financial problems, if it’s new then you will have misfortune in various aspects of your life. If it’s tight on you then be careful as someone in your circle wishes you harm.


To find jewellery in a dream means you will have problems that will quickly pass. If you buy jewellery then you will be wasteful with money, but to sell it means you will be relieved of some problems.


To journey by boat on a calm sea means success at work, but if there is a storm then you will have problems and will face many difficult situations.


If you are holding a jug of water or you fill a jug with water then you will have profit and success at work. If you're a single woman and you see yourself filling a jug with water then you will make a very good romantic acquaintance.


If you see a water jug in your dream then you will have success at work, but if you see an empty jug or you break one then you will have mishaps and problems.


If you dream that you are jumping over hurdles then you will overcome some problems you are facing. If you try but fail to jump over a hurdle then you will have difficulties in matters that concern you and will be obliged to accept the help and support of people close to you.
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