Dream Meanings - Letter K

Dictionary of dreams, find the meaning of dreams that begin with the letter K. Dreams with K, such as keys, kiss, knife, knead, knot etc.


Letter K dream interpretation

A dream of the letter K is a symbol of generosity and open-mindedness that is either your own characteristic or something that will be shared with you by someone else.


To dream of keys is significant. Keys represent our happiness. If you are holding keys then you will have success in life. If you find keys as you are walking then you will have great luck, but if you lose them then you will lose many opportunities in life and suffer disappointments.


If you see people kissing then your family life and harmony will improve. To kiss a member of your family means you will feel contentment and appreciate those around you more. If you kiss your partner, expect a few small arguments at home that will quickly be overcome. To kiss a stranger means that you must be more careful in your movements. If you are married and see yourself kissing this means you will enjoy domestic bliss without arguments. If you kiss your enemy then your relationship with an angry friend will improve.


If you dream that you are kneading bread you will have joy. If you are kneading anything other than bread, expect confusion and sorrow.


To dream of a knife means you will quarrel.


To dream you are untying a knot means everything will go well in your life and you will disentangle yourself from some problems. If you are tying a knot, then be careful how you behave as you will upset both those around you and yourself.
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