Dream Meanings - Letter L

Dictionary of dreams, find the meaning of dreams that begin with the letter L. Dreams with L, such as labour, lake, lamp, laughter, lawyer, lips, love etc.


Letter L dream interpretation

The letter L is usually connected to submission and holding back, so if you saw it in a dream prepare for some constraints to come your way, mostly financial.


To dream you are giving birth means you will be freed from some problems. If you are watching a birth then you will hear great news, while if you are helping with a labour then you will help a friend.


If you dream that you are in a labyrinth and are trying to find the path to the exit then you will make a mess of things in the coming days. Confusion, misunderstandings and misinterpretations will turn everything upside down for you and your relationships.


A murky lake means there is someone in your life who pretends to be a friend but is really an enemy.


A lamp shining in your house represents joy and success, and if you are single then it means you will marry.


If a lantern illuminates your house then watch your finances as you will have problems.


If you dream that you are laughing then expect upsetting news.


If you see that you are decorating your house with laurels, you will have joy and success at home. If you are holding a branch of laurels then success will arise where you didn’t expect it. If you chew laurel leaves then you will be bitter and have troubles.


If you see a lawyer in your dreams, you will disagree with relatives. If a lawyer defends you, watch out at work as there will be problems and you will be completely responsible for them.


To dream of a leash is a bad sign. If the leash is around your neck then you will have problems and sorrows, but if you remove it then you will overcome something that is bothering you.


If you dream of red leather you will very soon have good news. If the leather is white, then the person you desire will not return your love. If the leather in your dream is yellow, then you will be disappointed and have troubles.

Leaving rented house

If you dream that you are leaving your rented house then you will make a very good acquaintance.


To dream of drinking lemonade means you will resolve some issues that concern you.


To dream of lemons means you will marry. If you’re already married then you will soon have descendants.


To dream that you are cooking lentils means you will have financial problems and if you eat lentils expect problems. If you simply see lentils then a secret of yours will be found out.


If you see a letter in your sleep then expect great joy. If you are writing a letter, you will receive news from someone you have not heard from in a while. If you are reading a letter, you will receive very good news.


If you have lice in your hair then you will have success in your finances, but if you kill the lice then you will be freed of difficulties.


If you dream that you fall into the sea wearing a lifejacket then you will escape from some unpleasant situations. If you are holding the lifejacket this means it will be difficult to make your hopes and dreams come true.

Lift-being lifted

To dream you are lifting a weight means you will have problems and will need to be patient to overcome them. If you are lifting a person then you will need to help somebody, but if someone lifts you then you will have help from a friend.


If you dream that your house is flooded with light, you will have joy and happiness.

Light going out

To dream a light is going out in your house means you will have problems and difficulties. If all the lights around you go out and you are in the dark then a loved one will upset you.


If you are holding a blossoming lilac then you will have help and support. If you simply see a blossoming lilac then you will receive some news from a loved one.


A white lily means you have people around you who love you, but if it’s wilted then an insult will sadden you.

Lime wash

If you dream of lime wash then you will have economic problems, whereas if you see yourself wiping lime away then be careful what you do at work because you will suffer a failure.


If you see your lips looking beautiful and well-shaped you will be lucky in love. If they are misshaped then expect disappointments and failures in your love life.


To participate in a church litany or see one pass by your house means you will have relaxed, beautiful and loving family moments.


If you dream that you are asking for a loan, pay attention at work as unexpected problems will arise. If, however, you are asked for a loan then you will disappoint someone close to you.

Loan shark

If you dream you are lent money by a loan shark then be careful as you will have money problems. If you are the loan shark then the moves you make to profit financially will not bring you the anticipated results.

Loose change

To see loose change in a dream means that you will argue with someone or hear some gossip.


To dream that have lost your way means that in the coming days you will face dilemmas that you will overcome with the help and support of your loved ones. If you lose a favourite object then very soon you will experience a loss that will sadden you.


If you dream of a lovely, large lounge then you will make an acquaintance who will help you in your personal affairs. A dark lounge represents professional problems.


If you see a loved one then expect moments of joy and happiness. Loved ones in your dreams often suggest good news and economic prosperity. If they are dressed in white or cheerful, then they will bring you great joy and support you in anything that concerns you. If they are sad, you will share something sorrowful or will face some difficulties together.

Love relationship

If you dream that you are in a relationship with a much older person then you will receive psychological and emotional support. If you are involved with a widow or widower then you will soon receive some news. If the person you dream you are involved with is married, you will have problems and many obligations.


If you dream that you are carrying luggage then you will have burdens and troubles, but if someone is helping you carry it then you will receive help from a person close to you. If you are throwing away or losing luggage then you will be relieved of troubles and sorrow.

Lying down

If you dream that it’s night time and you have lain down to sleep then you will receive joyful news. If, however, you lie down in bed and cover yourself then you will have problems and distress.


If you dream that you are playing a lyre then you will have a little trouble, which will quickly be overcome.
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