Dream Meanings - Letter M

Dictionary of dreams, find the meaning of dreams that begin with the letter M. Dreams with M, such as man, marriage, meat, money, mother, musician, murder etc.


Letter M dream interpretation

The dream meaning of the letter M is synonymous to metamorphosis. You should expect major changes in one area of your life or another, but overall this is a positive sign.


If you see macaroni then your hopes will become reality but with much effort.

Making love

If you are a woman and you dream that you are making love with a man you will have joy, but if you make love with a woman then expect sorrows. If you are making love with a relative then you will have great difficulties in your personal and professional life. If you are flirting, this represents betrayal and you are in danger of something bad happening to you. If you dream that your love is ever-lasting this means someone is jealous of you. If you dream that your partner is distancing themselves from you, this means you must come closer to each other. If a man dreams he is making love then he will have great joy, but if he makes love with a relative then he will have problems in his personal and professional life.

Making love

If you dream that you are making love with your partner then you will have troubles and disappointments. If you are making love with a stranger then you will go through a period of mishaps.


If you dream of a tall man you will be protected by someone close to you. If the man is slim you will experience some distress, but if he is fat you will have joy.


To dream of manure means there will be bitterness. If you have financial problems and dream that you’re sitting on manure then money will come to you unexpectedly. If you are gathering manure, you will fail in one of your efforts.


If you are married and see a mare then you will receive an inheritance but if you’re single then seeing a mare means you will meet a good potential marriage partner.


Marriage is a bad omen. If you see that you are marrying secretly this means you will have failures and problems will arise. If you dream that your parents disagree with your marriage then there will be family misunderstandings. If people are wearing black at your wedding then expect troubles. If, however, you see your partner marrying someone else, you should not worry as this means he/she is faithful to you.


To dream of marrow or squash means you will fail in your efforts. If you are cooking marrow then you will have some financial problems.


To see a new mattress means you will have some financial breathing space and will be happy, but if the mattress is dirty then problems await you.


If you dream that you have become a mayor, then you will have great success.


If you see yourself in a green meadow then expect success, but if the meadow is dry then you will have misfortune and problems in your finances.


If you dream that you have measles, be patient as you will have some difficulties.


To see cooked or raw meat means you will have problems. If you are cooking meat, work will go well and you will enjoy success.


If you dream you are wearing a medal then you will have joy but if it has a cross on it then you will have problems and upsets.


To dream that you are ill and taking medicine means joy and serenity at home. To buy medicine means things at work aren’t going well, while if you buy medicine and give it to someone else then any mishaps you have had will be overcome.


If you dream of mercury, things will go well at work as long as you keep a steady pace and don’t rush.


If you have financial problems and dream that your house is in a mess, you will receive some money. If, however, you are financially comfortable and dream that your house is untidy you will suffer financial losses.


If in your dream you are visited at home by a messenger, postman or even a courier then you will have some unexpected happy news or an unexpected visit that will bring you joy.


If you see mice inside your house then watch out as someone will try to trick you financially.


If you see a midwife then be careful with whom you discuss personal matters as they will be revealed.


If you dream that you are drinking milk you will have troubles. If you hold milk and spill it, then you will have a bitter argument with a friend or relative.


If you see a mill grinding then expect success and prosperity at work, but if the mill has stopped then you will have problems in your professional life. A coffee grinder means you will hear that something has been said about you and be upset.


If you dream of a mine with workers inside then expect success at work.


If you see a saint performing a miracle, you will be protected and your life will improve. If you simply see a miracle take place then be careful of who you mix with as you will be deceived.


If you dream of a broken mirror then you will have bad luck for a while. If you see yourself amongst many mirrors, then your friends are acting against you behind your back. If you see an expensive mirror then keep an eye on your finances as you will spend carelessly.


To visit a monastery means you will have difficulties. If you go on a retreat at a monastery then watch out for your anxiety level so as to avoid problems.


Money signifies that material goods have priority in your life. To see boxes filled with money means that the work issues that are bothering you will disappear and there will be a pleasant change in economic matters. To dream of making financial transactions means you will lose money.


If you see a monk this means someone you consider a friend does not want the best for you. If you dream that you are a monk then be careful how you behave as you may be exposed.


To dream of monkeys means you have many enemies who you think are friends so you must take care.


The moon is associated with love. To see the moon with a few white clouds means that you will have beautiful moments with your loved one. If the moon is covered in thick dark clouds then you will argue with your partner. A full moon means everything will go well in your relationship while a waning moon forewarns of problems and tiffs.


To dream of mothballs is a sign of difficulties.


To see a mother means protection and great moral and material support.


If you dream of mountains with trees you will receive good news. If you climb a mountain you will have success. If the mountain is barren, rocky and without trees you will face some difficulties.

Mountain climber

If you dream that you are a mountain climber ascending a mountain then you will achieve one of your goals and feel happy and satisfied.


If you see that you are in mourning and wearing black then you will discover that nasty comments have been made about you and your family and you will feel bitter.


If you dream that your mouth is big and ugly then you will have profit at work. If your mouth is small then you will have problems and upsets.


To move house in your dream means you will achieve something for which you have strived and hoped for a long time.


To dream of mud means that troubles and problems await you over the coming days, which you will easily overcome. If you are dirty with mud then you will hear insults from others.

Mulberry-mulberry bush

Berries on a mulberry bush mean you will be upset by something that’s not very important but if you eat berries then you will feel bitterness.


If you dream that you are on a mule then, with patience, you will achieve the things you want.


If you are murdered in your dream something will happen to you that will make you feel anxious and upset. If someone unsuccessfully tries to murder you then something pleasant will happen at work.


If you gather or simply see mushrooms then you will have problems and woes.


If you dream that a musician is playing for you then, very soon, you will have problems and sorrows in your personal life.


If you dream that a friend puts a muzzle on you, you will receive the help and protection of a friend to get out of a difficult situation. If a stranger muzzles you, then something problematic will be said to you.


If you dream that you have myopia then you will have a difficult, distressing period. If you dream that you are wearing glasses then your life will get better and everything will be fine.
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