Dream Meanings - Letter N

Dictionary of dreams, find the meaning of dreams that begin with the letter N. Dreams with N, such as nails, naked, needles, nest, night, nightmares, numbers etc.


Letter N dream interpretation

Dreaming of the letter N makes brings a feeling of exposure to the surface. A secret you have held or feeling vulnerable in front of someone else might be on your mind in the next period.


If you dream that you are sitting on nails then be careful as you will have financial problems. If you see yourself nailing something then some problems will be resolved.


If you are a woman and see yourself naked or you see a beautiful naked woman, then some of your wishes will come true and you will be happy. If, however, you see an ugly naked woman in your sleep, then you will have problems and sorrows. If you are a man and you dream that you or another man is naked, then happy events that will give you great joy await you.

National service

If you are a young man and dream that you are about to do your national service then this signifies good luck. You will have career gains and development. If you are an older man and dream you’re about to do you national service, be careful as you will upset your loved ones with your frivolity.


If you see needles then you will have problems and disputes with people close to you. If you are asked for a needle and offer one then you will do something good for someone. If you pierce a loved one with a needle, then you will cause them distress.


To dream of a nest with chicks means you will hear great news but if the nest is empty then expect upsetting news.


If you dream that you are casting nets into the sea and your net is filled with fish then you will profit greatly from your work. If you see that you are caught up in a net as you walk, then somebody you consider a ‘friend’ will hurt you. If you simply see a net then you will be disappointed in the coming days.

New Year cake

If you are a woman and dream of a New Year’s cake then you will have good luck and joy. If, however, you are a man and you are offered New Year’s cake (when it’s not New Year), this means that you will encounter difficulties.


If you dream that it’s night time and the sky is filled with stars you will have success at work, but if it’s very dark and there are no stars you will receive sad news.


To dream of a nightingale is a good sign. If he is making his nest then you will have great success. If he flies over your house and poops on it, you will have good luck.


If you have nightmares, in addition to any anxiety you may already have, you will experience difficulties.


If you dream that a noose is being put around your neck, then a friend will make you bitter. If you remove the noose then you will overcome some obstacles. If you are making a noose to capture an animal, you will have success and progress in your activities.


If you see a notary coming to your house then something very good will happen to you, but if you are a notary then the opportunity for financial benefits from your work will arise.


If you dream that you are writing numbers then expect profits. Even numbers represent joy, and odd numbers sorrow.
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