Dream Meanings - Letter O

Dictionary of dreams, find the meaning of dreams that begin with the letter O. Dreams with O, such as old person, oil, olives, onions, orange, oven, ox etc.


Letter O dream interpretation

To dream of the letter O is an omen is positive changes ahead of you. It might be something seemingly small that happens but it will change your outlook of life as a whole.


If you dream that you are taking an oath then be careful as you will find yourself in a difficult situation and may be exposed.


If you greet an officer then you will have joyful news, but if you simply see him you will be protected from a person close to you. If, however, you dream that you are an officer then pay more attention to your work because there will be some problems. If a woman sees an officer, she will make a new romantic acquaintance.


If you pour oil over your food, you will have beautiful family moments. If you spill oil then there will be failures at work, while to spill it on your clothes means you will have many woes.


If you eat okra given by a friend then you will have difficulties but if you simply see okra then you will have bad luck and money will be tight.

Old person

If you are young and dream that you are old then you will have setbacks and sorrows that will preoccupy you.

Olive trees-olives

If you see yourself in a field with olive trees full of olives, you will enjoy progress at work and financially. If the trees are dry and without olives then you will have financial problems.


To plant onions signifies depressing news. If you are peeling onions and crying, then a mistake of yours will make you bitter.

Orange tree-oranges

If you see an orange tree full of oranges then you will meet someone you haven’t seen for a while. If you eat an orange then a friend will upset you.


To eat or smell oregano means that a sudden upset will occur very soon.


If you see ouzo in your sleep then you will have family problems and upsets.


To dream of an oven with lots of loaves signifies profit and joy. If the oven is lit then you will overcome all your obstacles but if the oven is turned off then expect mishaps and troubles at work.


If you see a hooting owl in your house or on the roof of your house then a loved one will tell you that they have serious problems.


If you see an ox ploughing a field you will have success at work.
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