Dream Meanings - Letter P

Dictionary of dreams, find the meaning of dreams that begin with the letter P. Dreams with P, such as painting, palace, paralysed, parents, people, pig etc.


Letter P dream interpretation

A dream with the letter P might be a sign of wealth and success. Plutos is the Greek word for riches. Don’t think about money issues too much though.


If you see yourself painting this means that you will pass through some difficulties. If you are painting someone’s face, watch out as some lies that you have told will be found out.


If you dream that you are entering a palace then you will make great profit but also several enemies. If you see a palace from afar, then watch out for problems at work.

Palm tree

If you dream of a palm tree then you will have great success at work and advance financially.


If you dream that you are paralysed (or dream of a paralysed person), then you will lose out financially. Be careful how you manage your finances as you will make mistakes that cannot be rectified.


To see a parcel means that you will have a meeting. If you send someone a parcel then damage will be done to your personal space or you will lose an item that is valuable to you.


If you dream that your parents are calm and smiling then in the coming days you will have some very pleasant social interactions that will invigorate and delight you. To dream of your parents when they are no longer living is a warning sign, whereby they protect you from an impending difficulty.

Parking ticket

If you dream you are being issued a parking ticket then expect joyful news.


Parsley in a dream symbolises the bitterness, poverty and troubles you will have.


If you dream that you are hunting partridges then developments that you have been waiting for all this while will be blocked. If you simply see partridges then you will have problems at work, but if you are holding one in your hands and stroking it then you have good friends who will always stand by your side.


If you dream of a passport, then you will have a small illness. If your partner gives you a passport then expect problems in your relationship.


If you eat pasta then you will have troubles that make you bitter. If you see pasta on a plate and don’t touch it then you will receive a good message.


To dream of a patisserie is a good omen. If you are entering a patisserie you will hear good news. If you have your own patisserie then expect profits. To eat lots of desserts means you will be distressed but will quickly overcome it. If you dream that you are simply looking at desserts in a patisserie then expect success in your personal and professional life. To work in a patisserie means that you will make new acquaintances and progress significantly at work.


If you pawn something, be careful with your finances as you will have difficulties. If you reclaim something you have pawned, you will rid yourself of some debts and feel relief.

Peaches-peach tree

If you dream of a flowering peach tree then a pleasant development will bring you joy. If you are given peaches then you will have an argument with someone. To see ripe peaches means you will overcome some problems and feel relief. If the peaches are unripe, be careful with the choices you make as they entail hidden traps.


If you are married and dream of a peacock, then you will have arguments at home.


If you dream that you are at the peak of a mountain, house or church then you will have great luck in life. If you are trying to reach the peak then much effort will be needed to achieve the successes you desire.


To dream of pearls is a good sign and you will have success with something that is bothering you.


If you see a pelican in your dreams, then expect disappointment and difficulties.


If you dream that you are sailing through a narrow peninsula, then you will be freed of the worries you have suffered from throughout your life and everything will go well.


If you see many people entering your house, you will have great distress. If you see people gathered somewhere then you will have many work-related concerns but will eventually make it and win the admiration of those around you.


To buy or sell pepper means you will have sad news. If you sprinkle pepper on your food then there are people around you who will support you.


If you smell petrol in your dream, then expect upsetting problems at work. If, however, you are cleaning your clothes with petrol, this means that, after much effort, you will succeed in your career.


If a pharmacist comes to your house then you will be upset over a loved one, but if you are a pharmacist then expect financial problems.


To dream you are a philosopher means that you will reach a dead-end in matters that concern you.


If you see a photograph of a friend or relative then you will have a good meeting with someone. If you are a young woman and are holding a photograph then you will make an acquaintance that will evolve into a stable relationship.


To dream of a piano or to hear beautiful piano music means you will have some joy. By contrast, if the notes are discordant or sad then you will receive bad news and be disappointed. To dream of a broken, untuned piano signifies disappointment and a failure either for you or someone close to you. If you dream that you are playing the piano beautifully, you will be lucky in love and romance.


If you dream that you see a pie at a wedding then there will be domestic bliss at home. If you are single and are making a pie then your love life will bring you joy.


If in your dream you see a pig inside your house, you will be betrayed by a friend who does not want the best for you. If you eat pork, then you will receive good news or money.


A clean, white pillow means there will be success and joy in your life, but if it is old and dirty you will have financial problems.


If you see pins then expect arguments with friends or relatives.


If you dream that you are smoking a pipe then you will receive some sad news. Be careful, as you will have some upsets in the coming days.


If you dream that you are buying a pipette then you will have financial problems, while if you are in love and see a pipette then this relationship won’t last long as the feelings are not strong.

Plane tree

If you dream of a plane tree then your finances will be tight for a while. If you sit in the shade of a plane tree this means someone will support your efforts.


If you dream of one or many planks of wood then expect both family and professional difficulties. Much effort will be needed on your part for them to be overcome.


If you see that you are planting then your dreams will come true and you will enjoy success at work.


If you dream of an empty plate on a table then you will have stress and financial problems. If you are washing plates then you will have visitors.

Plot of land

If you dream that you are buying a plot of land then expect success and happiness but if you are selling a plot then you will have some financial problems.


If you dream that you are ploughing then expect problems and distress.


If you step on to a podium to speak, await success in your affairs.

Police officer

If you dream of a police officer then be careful who you mix with and don’t show that you trust easily.


If you dream that you are involved in politics then you will very soon be rewarded for an effort you have made. If you dream of a politician then you will soon be forced to accept help from someone close to you.

Pomegranates-pomegranate tree

If you dream of a pomegranate tree filled with pomegranates then you will have good news. If you are single, expect success in your love life.


A poplar tree represents professional success. Someone will help you achieve a professional goal.


If you see a portico then the behaviour of people in your life will make you feel bitter.


A postman means that you will receive news; if he wears white then expect happy news, but if he’s dirty and unshaven then the news will be bad.


If you dream that you are peeling potatoes then you will have some joyful news. If you are frying or eating potatoes then you will have success and financial improvements.


If you see yourself or someone else praying, you will have serenity and domestic bliss.


If you are praying in a monastery or church then you will have great success at work and all your goals will be achieved.


If you see a preacher reading the Bible, someone will help you solve a personal issue through their guidance and support. If you dream that you are a preacher then be careful what you say as you could end up exposed.


If you dream you are pregnant, this means that you want to escape from the troubles that burden you or that you are facing some trouble that you will easily overcome. If you see a pregnant woman coming towards you, this is a forewarning of distress that you will, however, quickly overcome. If you see a relative pregnant then there will be joy in your home. If you dream you are giving birth this means you feel the need for more care. If a woman who is not in a relationship dreams that she’s pregnant this means that she will abandon the negative thoughts she has about her personal life and will feel ready to accept a new romance. If a woman who is actually pregnant dreams of her pregnancy this means she will have a good birth and will quickly regain her strength.

Print shop

If you dream that you are at a print shop then, with your work ethic, you will enjoy professional success.


To dream of a prison signifies that you will have difficulties and problems in life.

Prize medal

If you dream that a gold or silver prize medal is being placed around your neck then you will go through a period of problems and sorrows.


If you dream that you are eating prunes, expect success. If you're a woman and you dream of prunes, you will have success in your love life or make a good new acquaintance.


If you dream that you are cooking pulses then your life will improve, but if you sell pulses then nasty things are being said behind your back.
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