Dream Meanings - Letter Q

Dictionary of dreams, find the meaning of dreams that begin with the letter Q. Dreams with Q, such as quail, quinces etc.


Letter Q dream interpretation

The letter Q in a dream might symbolise envy or a quarrel about to happen with someone close to you. It will not be of importance or significance for the long term though.


To dream of a quail means you will disagree with people close to you. It’s very likely that you will have to face unpleasant circumstances.


Dreaming of a Quarrel means that you are under pressure and suffering from anxiety. It also means that someone or something is bothering you, but you have difficulty discussing it and expressing your feelings. There are probably some negative emotions that are not being communicated to someone else. It is an indication that you are about to get in a quarrel in real life or that you are in the middle of one. If you are able to remember details of the quarrel’s ending, you may be able to find a solution there and resolve this struggle.


A Queen is a symbol of personal growth, influence and mother figures. In a dream it indicates the desire for power and success. The number of Queens in your dream is associated with the women in your life and their influence. Their message is powerful and they might represent a pregnancy. The negative interpretation of the Queen is that she might be related to gossip and manipulation.


A quince tree with fruit means something good will happen that you weren’t expecting, but cutting quinces means you will have bad news.
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