Dream Meanings - Letter R

Dictionary of dreams, find the meaning of dreams that begin with the letter R. Dreams with R, such as rain, rape, refuge, reptiles, rice, road, ruins etc.


Letter R dream interpretation

Dreaming of the letter R is a sign of change and reversal in a situation that has been a lot on your mind lately. If this reversal is not desirable, make sure you change your course soon.


If you dream that you are listening to the radio at home, then you will receive very joyful news in the coming days.


If you dream of radishes then you will learn, completely unexpectedly, of certain things that have been said about you. If you are eating radishes, try in the coming days not to get too excited as some developments that seem positive may turn out badly.


If you dream that you are in front of railings then you will have problems at work. To hit, bend or pass by railings means that you will overcome the obstacles in your life. If in your dream the windows of your house have bars across them, you will have family problems.


If someone sees rain in their dream this is usually a bad omen. If it rained and there are dark clouds, then expect problems. If you are wet from rain then you will be very distressed, but if you escaped from the rain and kept dry then you will be relieved of troubles and problems that have recently burdened you. Also, if you dream that you are inside a house and looking at the rainfall outside, then good things will happen. A storm represents bad luck.


If you see a rainbow then you will soon receive good news on a matter that concerns you.


If you see ripe or unripe raisins then you will be bitter and disappointed. To eat raisins means you will be disappointed in your love life.


If you dream that you are drinking raki then some pleasant developments over the next few days will make you happy, laugh and feel much better. If, however, you get drunk on raki, then very soon you will have an argument.


If you are a woman you are raped in your dream then you will have problems and difficulties. If you are a man and you are raped, this means that you will manage to escape some pitfalls.


If you hear a raven cawing, you will have bad news. If you see many ravens you will argue with people close to you.


If you dream that you are sharpening a razor then be careful as your actions will expose you to those around you.


  If you see reeds, you will have setbacks and difficulties which you will overcome.


If you dream that you are running to reach a refuge to shelter yourself from the rain or snow then you will have troubles. If you are being hunted by people and are running to hide this means that someone is jealous of you and wants you to suffer a misfortune, but they will fail.


If you see an army regiment pass in front of you then you will have good news and someone with a good job will help you. If you see that you're a soldier in a regiment then you will advance at work.


If you kiss a religious relic then expect woes, but if you see a saint’s relic in your dream then you will overcome some problems.


Reptiles signify that you will be hurt and betrayed by a person close to you.


If you dream that you are drinking retsina then you will receive joyful news from a friend. If you see barrels filled with retsina then very soon you will have joy and abundance at home.


If you dream that you are taking part in a revolution, then you will take some risks that will bring you close to success. If you attack revolutionaries then you will have disagreements at home.


If you dream of rice then you will receive some unexpected money. If you buy or eat rice then you will have joy, success and good news.


To hold a rifle means you will have success but if you just see one then you will fall out with a relative.


A ring is not always a bad omen. If you dream you are given a ring as a gift then somebody will disappoint you, but if you see yourself giving a ring then you will disappoint somebody. To wear a ring you will have many problems whereas if you take a ring off your finger, you will be freed of difficulties that have preoccupied you recently. If you dream of a beautiful and valuable ring, you will have happiness and joy.


To rip your clothes in a dream means there will be arguments and tension but you will manage to overcome the problems and difficulties in your life. To tear letters and paper means you will hear great news.


If you dream that you are sitting on a riverbank then you will have joy and success at work.


If you dream that you have lost your way, then your plans are at risk of failure but you will make it in the end and will succeed. If you see a road filled with lights, you will feel much pleasure, but if you see an unfamiliar road with obstacles, you will have troubles. If you dream of a beautiful road filled with trees and it impresses you, this means you will have great joy and love.


If you dream that you are eating a roast then you will have financial gains, while if you are cooking a roast then be careful because you are involved in situations that over time will expose you. If you are a woman and you eat a roast then you will have peace at home.

Roasted chickpeas

If you dream that you are eating roasted chickpeas then you will hear some upsetting news, but if another person eats roasted chickpeas then someone will try to trick you.


If you see rocks falling on your house then you will have difficulties, but if rocks fall on top of you then you will be shaken by something. If you dream of a rock then some obstacles in your life will make you anxious.


If the roof of your house is well-made and strong then you will have peace and happiness at home, but if it’s dilapidated then expect difficulties. If you repair the roof then you will find a solution to matters of concern to you.


If the room is clean and tidy then you will have progress and success. If, however, the room is dirty and untidy, you will have distress.


If you dream that you are slaughtering a rooster then you will have success at work. If you hear it crowing then some news will bring you joy, but if the rooster is chasing you then you will have a row with a friend.


If you dream that you are holding a rope and are trying to ascend somewhere then you will enjoy success, but if you are descending with the rope then you will have bad luck in whatever you are trying to achieve.

Ruffled hair

If you dream that your hair is being ruffled, watch what you say as you will find yourself exposed.


If you are amongst ruins then you will overcome your problems after much toil and effort. If you are sitting on ruins then there will be problems and arguments in your love life.


If you dream of rusks then you will hear joyful news. If you are in love and see rusks then you will enjoy beautiful romantic moments that will bring you closer to the person you love.
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